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My Subscription Addiction

Prevent Thinning Eyelashes with This Game-Changing Hack for Pro-Agers

Donna Korren
ByDonna KorrenJan 9, 2023In Partnership With Prime Prometics

It really gets under my skin when beauty companies talk about anti-aging. They offer every product under the sun to “turn back the clock” as if getting older is something to be avoided at all costs. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a Pro Ager—a woman over 50 who embraces this life stage and fully gets the concept of true beauty—that which comes from life experience, wisdom, and laugh lines!

That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate products that enhance my features and help me feel more confident. So, I am thrilled to have discovered Prime Prometics—a cosmetic brand that creates pro-age makeup and skincare for mature women to heal, hydrate, and enhance our natural beauty. And they do this by creating products that are vegan and hypoallergenic with properties that are formulated to tackle some of the beauty issues we encounter as we age.

Longer and fuller lashes

My biggest beauty complaint is my thinning eyelashes. When I was in my 30s and 40s I had long, strong lashes but with aging, they have thinned. I know that using false eyelashes from time to time also took a toll on my natural lashes, breaking them when I removed the false ones. (I was really bad at that!).

Discovering PrimeLash mascara has been a total game-changer for me and is my favorite new beauty hack. The mascara glides on easily, and just one coat makes my eyelashes look amazing. I don’t need any primer or even an eyelash curler—the wand and the mascara do the job of both. Instantly my eyelashes are separated and elongated. Even without any other liner, my eyes just pop! My husband actually noticed and asked “What did you do with your eyes today? They look beautiful.”

Nourishing formula

Taking off the mascara was another plus. It easily was removed with warm water but somehow it stayed on all day exactly as I first applied it.

I’m really excited about this mascara. I have tried literally every mascara brand out there and PrimeLash not only creates an instant great look, but with its nourishing formula, I’ve already noticed an improvement in the look of my eyelashes even without mascara.

Best of all is the navy! Their black and brown shades are deep and saturated, but the navy is so exciting.

Beautiful at any age

I’m a big believer that one’s eyes are the window to our soul. By helping me draw attention to mine, PrimeLash mascara is enhancing my natural beauty without insulting my age. That’s a beauty company I can really get behind.