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My Subscription Addiction

PetPlate Has a Deal You Don’t Want to Miss – Here’s What You Need to Know

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoDec 26, 2022In Partnership With Pet Plate

I have been working so hard at becoming my best self, and feeling so good as a result, that I’m widening my circles; I’m looping my dog in on healthy habits. Are you feeling this, too? Perfectly timed, PetPlate is offering 61% off your first order! The catch? You can only unlock access to this exclusive deal by clicking the red button below.

We’ve never seen a deal this deep on dog food, so you should really jump on it! But if you need a little more convincing, we've got some handy deets for you.

5 Fast Facts

1. PetPlate is designed by a veterinary nutritionist & human-grade

You may not know the details behind why human-grade food is best for dogs, but you know you can take a Cornell-graduate veterinary nutritionist’s word for it. That’s who you’re trusting when you feed your pup PetPlate. (But to clue you in, human-grade food equals higher quality, which means lower contamination and greater nutritious benefit to your dog.)

2. The food is fresh, organic, and easy to serve

Cooked fresh, flash-frozen, and delivered in BPA-free plastic containers, this food is top-notch quality. The containers are also easy to serve mess-free, and curbside recyclable.

3. Meat is USDA-approved, plus there's fresh veggies & fruits too

PetPlate’s healthy meats, vegetables, and fruit are all all slow-cooked to maintain the most nutrients. Your dog shouldn’t be eating any filler ingredients that don’t have beneficial nutritional qualities—over time they can lead to poor health and vitality. So, quite simply, PetPlate leaves them out.

4. It’s customized to your pup and pre-portioned

When you sign up for PetPlate you’ll give as much info as you can about your pooch so that they can use it to create a personalized meal plan for them. They recommend the right calorie intake for your dog’s size, breed, and needs.

5. Meals start under $3 per serving

Fresh dog food is becoming more popular, and for good reason—but I’ve seen some brands offer it for more than a human meal costs. That’s quite the investment! If your dog has lots of specific dietary needs, these quality meals could add up, but PetPlate’s plans start at $3 per meal. Or, if your pup is loving kibble and just needs a little something extra, their topper plan starts at under $2 per day.

So now you see why you need to jump on this deal. Your doggo will feel the love at mealtime, delightfully oblivious to the 61% you saved on the best pup food ever. Win-win!

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