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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Passport to Pet Wellness: Why I Signed My Dog Up for Vet Telehealth

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Jul 28, 2022

I think most pet owners know the dreaded feeling of seeing something is wrong with your dog or cat and the mental gymnastics of taking them to the vet or not. Even worse? When something goes wrong after-hours! The emergency vet closest to me has a $175 fee just to be seen, before the actual cost of treatment. And, frankly, that whole experience is incredibly stressful. When I saw vet visits had gone digital, I knew I had to give Fuzzy a try.

We adopted a blind Pomeranian named Teddy last fall, and though he gets around great and acts like any other dog out there, I can still tell when his remaining senses are on overload. And summertime around here is always full of thunderstorms, fireworks, and loud celebrations, meaning Teddy has been exposed to a whole new level of sound and sensation. Like so many dogs out there, he is scared of loud rumbles and booms. After a particularly large fireworks show, he was really out of sorts. It is awful to see your best little buddy trembling and cowering long after the explosions have stopped. Fuzzy was an easy and reassuring solution to Teddy's anxiety (and mine too!).

Here is why I would recommend Fuzzy to literally any pet owner:

Fuzzy Provides Instant Reassurance

Sure, a scared and jittery pupper maybe isn't the sort of situation where you speed through the night to the emergency vet. But that doesn't mean it feels great to just sit there and do nothing. Fuzzy was a comforting and reassuring experience for me when Teddy was not feeling himself and the vet I spoke to (hey Dr. Donna!) was compassionate and you could tell she loves animals and wants them to feel their best. She reassured me that he was ok and provided behavioral and supplement recommendations to help. And, most importantly, her advice was spot on. Teddy quickly benefitted from the gentle reassurance recommended by Dr. Donna.

Fuzzy is Available 24/7

None of my pets ever have an emergency during "business" hours. It has kind of been a running joke that they wait until the weekend to get into trouble. Fuzzy is vet access in the palm of your hand 24/7. And for $79 annually, that is some really affordable peace of mind. And, sure, there will always be reasons to make a physical trip to the vet. But Fuzzy is a great place to start and can help you decide if that drive is necessary.

Fuzzy is Super Easy to Use

The Fuzzy app is very easy to navigate and keeps track of loads of pet info you can have at your fingertips in seconds. Just hit the green vet button and you are connected within minutes to a veterinary assistant who helps with the digital "intake" info and will transfer you to a vet if needed. Even better? You can chat or select a video call!

Saves Me Time and Lots of Money

Teddy's regular vet runs around $75 per visit before any treatment. The emergency vet is even more eye-watering, at $175 just to be seen. They are both also about 20 minutes away by car. Fuzzy is $79 a year for 24/7 vet access with zero drive time.

Fuzzy Is Educational

In addition to vet access, the Fuzzy app contains many informative courses and articles about everything from basic pet first aid to caring for a new puppy. Even as someone who has had dogs and cats for years, the info here is still relevant and useful and I felt like I became a better pet person through each course.

Finds Me Vet-Approved Products

When I had to take a last-minute road trip with Teddy, I wanted to get something to calm his nerves. With Fuzzy, it’s easy to shop for safe and healthy treats, food, and supplements that are all vet-approved and recommended. I found these relaxing chews that are perfect and as a member, I save 10%.

Fuzzy Covers ALL of My Pets

Fuzzy lets you add multiple pets to your account for the same $79/year subscription cost. This is such a plus for my family because we have little Teddy, his big brother Tucker, and our anti-social cat Birdie. Having easy and affordable vet access for all three under the same account is total peace of mind.

Is it Worth it?

Fuzzy was 100% worth it to me and my pets. This service is really a no-brainer for any pet owner. Vet access for problems both big and small is worth every penny. Combine that with the extras that come with membership (product discounts, the Fuzzy Academy, and more!) and Fuzzy truly puts your pet's health and happiness in the palm of your hand.