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My Subscription Addiction

Function of Beauty: 3 Unique Hair Types Put Personalized Hair Products to the Test

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoMay 31, 2022


As someone who has recently started taking good hair health more seriously, it can be very overwhelming to go into a store and have absolutely no idea what brands or products are right for my curls.

So, when I got the opportunity to try Function of Beauty, along with three other MSA writers, who were open to putting the customizable hair care products to the test, I couldn’t say no. Our Function of Beauty reviewers are Naomi Pandolfi (thick & curly hair), Megan Kirkland (coarse & wavy hair), and me (curly & color-treated).

Read on for our different experiences with this personalized haircare brand.

If you’re looking for curl definition…Naomi

Naomi's hair after using Function of Beauty.

What is your hair type?

My hair texture is curly and thick, between 3C and 4C.

What did you think?

I used the products four times over two weeks.  I really enjoyed using the Function of Beauty hair system. The goals I specifically selected in their hair quiz were deep condition, curl definition, anti-frizz, strengthening, and moisturize. My formula included the ‘Takes Two to (M)ango’ scent, light on the fragrance, and was dye-free and silicone-free.

I like that there’s an option to use the co-wash in lieu of shampoo on days when my hair is feeling a little drier. I found the product to greatly reduce frizz and leave my hair feeling silky and soft.

I definitely noticed a difference in my hair using all three products in tandem. The most notable difference of all was texture. My hair felt incredibly soft and healthy, even a few days in between each use. My curls also seem a little more bouncy and definitely much softer and frizz-free, even before applying any of my curly hair leave-in products.

I would definitely want to buy this Function of Beauty hair system again, and I would also recommend it to friends or family.

If you’re looking to hydrate color-treated hair… Sophia

What is your hair type?

I’ll describe my hair as curly – in the 2C and 3A range. Almost every time I go to the salon, I get told my hair is dehydrated but mainly because it’s so long.

What did you think?

I formulated my shampoo to be hydrating, color-protecting, volumizing, anti-frizz, and curl definition. I also picked a dye-free and silicone-free formula with a delicious coconut scent.

I used my Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner combo three times, and the co-wash once. My hair felt very soft and not annoyingly squeaky clean, but clean. I also loved how the coconut scent made my scalp feel and my bathroom smell. I would definitely buy it again and have recommended it to my friends and family.

If you’re looking to fight brassiness…Megan

Megan's hair after using Function of Beauty.

What is your hair type?

I’ll describe my hair as coarse, thick, wavy. I customized my Function of Beauty products for wavy coarse hair with a balanced moisture level. My shampoo was dark purple toning (to help fight brassiness!) and my conditioner was blue (non-color depositing, just for aesthetics). I chose the peach scent at the highest intensity!

What did you think?

I used my products about 2 to 3 times a week for a whole month. A little of this stuff goes a long way, and that is coming from someone with a lot of thick hair. It lathers up great and the smell is strong (which I like!). It also felt like I was getting a deep clean but not in a stripping sort of way. My roots felt lighter and lifted, but my hair wasn’t coarse or squeaky. I don’t condition my roots in general, but my lower strands felt soft and smooth after a good conditioning.

I don’t ever really style my hair, but I do think this formula helped define my waves. It looks great after air-drying: shiny, soft, bouncy, not too unnaturally slick. I also really loved how effective the purple shampoo was at fighting brassiness. Since I have a lot of natural gray, it keeps those strands looking crisp and white.

I would definitely buy this again because I love how it makes my hair feel and I love the scents I can change whenever I want! I really think my friends would like this so much more.

The Final Say

It only took a little less than a month for all of us to make an informed decision on what we thought of Function of Beauty. And we love it! The process of choosing your formula plus ordering is super easy, and if you decide to keep going with your subscription, getting new items shipped is even easier. And can we talk about the amount of product you get? You’ll no longer have to buy shampoo every single month. And let me not even start with how amazing it is that you can customize each product to have a unique color, scent, and your name on the bottle. Function of Beauty offers the ultimate customization for not only your hair needs but your preferences.

Getting a new formula as an existing customer is also equally as easy. If you don't like your formula or your hair goals change, you can always request a reformulation free of charge before your next shipment. You can reformulate at any time to ensure your products are meeting your current hair needs. Function of Beauty helped us find our exact formulas for our unique hair goals and it was a total success.

For a limited time only, you can try an 8oz shampoo or conditioner for only $15 (lasts 40 washes), where you can customize up to three hair goals.