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Ohza vs. High Noon: Which One Should You Bring to the Party?

Kimberly Southammavong
ByKimberly SouthammavongDec 19, 2022Sponsored

If you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely go for a hard seltzer at a party over a heavy, lukewarm beer. Hard seltzers are more health-conscious and won’t weigh you down, so I always find myself reaching for a White Claw or a Truly.

However, the canned cocktail market is stronger than ever, and when I stumbled upon Joe Jonas’ canned mimosas & sangrias brand, Ohza, on Instagram, I knew I had to put the brand’s drinks to the test. How does Ohza compare to High Noon, a tried-and-true hard seltzer brand? Read on to see which one is my ultimate party time pick.

If you're looking for full flavor … Ohza

Though both brands use real fruit juice in their drinks, Ohza’s cocktails really pack a punch: High Noon is only about 2-3% juice per can, while Ohza is 20-40% juice per can, depending on the flavor. High Noon claims that a “mix of juices” make each flavor, but it’s not clear what those juices really are. On the other hand, Ohza’s all-natural flavors really shine through: you can taste the orange juice in the mimosas and the plum, grape, tangerine, peach, and pear juice in the sangrias. Also, Ohza’s 5% alcohol content is a little more boozy than High Noon’s 4.5%.

I actually did a happy dance when I tried Ohza’s Fizzy Red Sangria, because it tastes exactly like a red sangria, and not just a subpar, canned version of it. The real fruit juice gives Ohza’s cocktails beautiful colors, too, which can’t be said for hard seltzers.

If you value convenience… Tie

There’s nothing more convenient than a mixed drink in a can, and both brands deliver on this point. They’re portable and tasty, with no prep required. The only real difference convenience-wise is that High Noon has a slimmer can while Ohza’s can size is a traditional can size. Either way, they’re both great options to pack in your cooler and head to a soirée with.

If you want a more sophisticated & innovative option… Ohza

Ohza’s canned cocktails bring a more fun, sophisticated feel to the party than High Noon’s seltzers do. There are tons of hard seltzer options on the market (and they all remind me of my college years…), but there’s only one Ohza! Whether you’re heading to a friend’s brunch or an evening party, Ohza’s unique mimosas & sangria flavors are sure to entice everyone at the party.

Personally, I think hard seltzers have an age limit–I can’t see my parents drinking High Noons, but I can definitely attest to the fact that they love Ohza. Plus, because Ohza has 80% less sugar than your at-home or restaurant mimosas and sangrias, you can wake up without the raging headache.

If you want something new and different… Ohza

Ohza stands out because it’s not just another hard seltzer or a vodka mixed drink. It has what me and my friends love: sparkling wine! Mimosas and sangrias in a can isn’t something you see everyday, and this innovation definitely drew me in. There’s also just something about sipping a mimosa or sangria that makes me feel like I’m in Europe and looking forward to a well-deserved siesta.

The Ultimate Winner… Ohza

Overall, both High Noon and Ohza are great options for brunch dates, day drinking, dinner gatherings, house parties, and tailgates. But for me, Ohza is my go-to canned libation. Ohza’s premium ingredients really shine, it has way more flavor than High Noon, and it’s a total crowd pleaser. Even though Ohza is a little pricier, it’s definitely the one I’m showing up to the party with. You’ll regret it if you don’t give it a try!