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Ode à la Rose vs. Venus et Fleur: Who will get the final preserved rose?

Susannah Boyar
BySusannah BoyarJan 20, 2023Sponsored

Roses are the universal symbol of love, courage, beauty, class, congratulations, and more. But they are expensive, and only last as long as a week if you remember proper flower care (so, if you’re like me, they last a few days max). The perfect solution is preserved roses – beautiful, real roses that are treated to last for up to a year and keep their liveliness, color, and decorative quality throughout. There are so many options, so I put the top two brands, Ode à la Rose and Venus et Fleur, to the test to see which preserved roses will get my seal of approval!

The most cost-effective…Ode à la Rose

If you’re looking to spend less money and still have a beautiful, long-lasting preserved rose floral arrangement, Ode à la Rose is the way to go. A bouquet of 12 preserved standard roses in a white ceramic vase from Ode à la Rose costs $199, meanwhile, a similar product from Venus et Fleur (bouquet of 12 preserved long stem roses in a porcelain vase) will put you out $329 - a whopping $130 price difference! Even more, with Ode à la Rose preserved roses, not only do you pay for a beautiful bouquet that will last you year-round, you also get it in a bespoke white ceramic or rose gold vase. The majority of the more affordable Venus et Fleur roses come in a box.

The most flower choices, fresh and preserved…Ode à la Rose

Not only does Ode à la Rose boast a robust collection of preserved roses, Ode à la Rose also offers many different types of fresh flowers like peonies, roses, tulips orchids, and other various mixed flower arrangements. Ode à la Rose sources their fresh flowers from eco-friendly farms around the world in accordance with the seasons, and artisanal florists handcraft each bouquet. Venus et Fleur solely deals in preserved flowers.

The most preserved roses options…Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur has so many preserved rose options, it’s almost excessive. From single roses in little boxes to 145 roses in a giant box, Venus et Fleur offers too many choices, many of which would really only be fit for a Kardashian or the Queen of England (RIP). Although boasting a smaller collection, Ode à la Rose offers the classics and essentials in a variety of pinks, reds, and soft oranges in a few friendly sizes. Ode à la Rose preserved roses are the perfect size; well-suited for gifts, home decor, and more.

If you want same-day delivery…Ode à la Rose

Ode à la Rose has a presence in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Austin, and Miami, which allows them to offer same-day delivery in these places. Venus et Fleur offers hand delivery for only the New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles areas. If you need to deliver flowers in a pinch, Ode à la Rose has got your back. In addition, Ode à la Rose offers delivery for a flat fee of $25 – whether same day or in advance, while Venus et Fleur charges an unspecified “extra rush charge” for same or next-day delivery in their specified zip codes.

The ultimate winner…Ode à la Rose

Every rose has its thorn, but Ode à la Rose is the one for me, so I'll be giving them my final rose. Better luck next time, Venus et Fleur!