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My Subscription Addiction

obé Fitness vs. Peloton: Which is Right For You?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereFeb 1, 2023Sponsored

I love exercising, but I definitely have a hard time motivating myself to work out on my own. Luckily, we live in an age where there are a million different options. I like online workouts because I don’t need much space or equipment and I can take them with me anywhere. Let me introduce you to two apps that have quickly become my favorites: obé Fitness and Peloton.

I have a favorite between the two platforms, and I’m here to help you find which one might be right for you:

If you want to have FUN…obé Fitness

I know, you must be thinking I’m crazy. Who would ever describe a workout as “fun”? But, hear me out. obé Fitness classes are straight up FUN. Working out can feel like a total drag, but with obé, I actually look forward to my workouts. Who doesn’t want to do a themed workout like dance cardio with Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century?

Call me a millennial, but the colors they use on the platform and in the studio they film the classes bring me energy and uplift me. It’s seriously the Netflix of workouts, because you’ll want to binge it all day long for being so totally different. The instructors’ energy is motivating and makes me feel like I’m working out with a friend (plus, I love when I get shout outs during the live classes). Some of my favorite classes have been the dance cardio classes with Sam and the sculpt classes with Peter – Peter made me laugh a lot during the workouts and the time flew by.

If you want super motivating instructors…obé Fitness

This is definitely subjective in nature, but for me, I found the obé Fitness instructors the most motivating.  It wasn’t just the bright colors and their funny personalities, I found myself working harder in these classes than in the Peloton workouts. The Peloton instructors are definitely motivating in the traditional way, with catch phrases like “this is tough but you’re tougher,” but the light hearted energy of the obé classes, along with motivating sentiments like “the hard part is over, you showed up today”, drew me in more.

If you want the largest diversity of workouts…it’s a tie

Both apps have a huge variety of classes, ranging from pilates and yoga to dance cardio to HIIT to strength workouts. They each have over 10,000 workouts, so you’ll never run out of classes to take. My personal favorite classes have typically been barre, boxing, and HIIT classes.

If you prefer to get your cardio from running…Peloton

Some people are definitely cardio purists and prefer to get their cardio from activities like running, spinning, rowing, and walking. If that’s you, Peloton might be the right choice for you with their cardio options and guided outdoor walks/runs. On the other hand, I’ve found that obé has guided runs/walks and spin classes like Peloton does, plus great cardio options like boxing, dance cardio, HIIT, and more.

If you want a live class at any hour of the day…obé Fitness

Both obé and Peloton have daily live classes. That being said, many of Peloton’s live classes are spinning or tread classes, so require you to actually have that equipment. If you’re looking for a live class that you can take from anywhere at any time of the day, obé is going to be your best bet. obé live workouts offer a ton of variety depending on what mood you’re in that day – from dance cardio to pilates to strength training or meditation, you’re covered. Their back to back classes are complementary, so should you want to do 2 workouts in a row, you can just join.

They also change up the classes being offered in the same time slot on every day, so if you can only workout at 7:30am, for example, you might get a pilates class one day, a strength class the next day, and a dance class the day after that. This is definitely something I love about obé.

The ultimate winner…obé Fitness

I’ll be sticking with obé Fitness over Peloton. The classes fly by because they are a blast and I truly get a great workout in every time. It’s a routine I know I can definitely stick with and I already feel myself getting stronger. If you’re looking for a new workout routine this New Year that will help you keep any fitness resolution goals, look no further than obé! After your free first month, the monthly price is $24.99 or you can commit to an annual membership for $169.99 ($14/month!).