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Oats in Coats vs. Quaker Oats: Discover My Breakfast Hero

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoOct 14, 2022Sponsored

My kids love oatmeal—and I mean they love it. Huge score, which I can’t take credit for at all, but I will gladly cater to this passion of theirs. In our before-school whirlwind, there’s a 0% chance you’ll find me standing by the stovetop nursing a pot of oats; it’s instant oatmeal only for our crew. Our favorite oatmeal cups are Oats in Coats, which I hadn’t heard of until recently, but now we’re devouring them. Of course Quaker Oats is the familiar household name, but the quality, flavor, and nutrition of Oats in Coats won us over for good.

If you want oatmeal that’s packed with real fruit (and veggies!)... Oats in Coats

All of Oats in Coats’ ingredients are listed on the side of the cup, and they’re delightfully simple. For the Cookie flavor, we’re talking gluten-free oats, dates, raisins, carrot powder (heck yes to hidden veggies!), cinnamon, sea salt, and allspice. That’s absolutely it, and there is no need for a single other thing in this delicious breakfast. As for Quaker Oats, I have two words for you: “natural flavor.” What is it? What’s in it? Spotting this so-called “ingredient” on the side of the Quaker Oats cup was a big turn-off for me, especially since oatmeal is a pretty uncomplicated food.

If you want a kid-friendly breakfast without added sugars… Oats in Coats

Oats in Coats carries 3 flavors of oatmeal—Berry, Apple, and Cookie—and they contain 2g, 4g, and 7g of natural sugar, respectively, from dates and dried fruits. There’s no sugar added, and I don’t miss it one bit. My kids don’t miss it, either—overly saccharine flavors are an overwhelming way to start the day! When we went through our Quaker Oats phase, I found myself picking out the overly sugared apple hunks, and doing this ridiculous song-and-dance of adding water, draining the water to wash some of the sweetness down the sink, then adding more water before popping the cup in the microwave. If I didn’t do this, my daughter wouldn’t eat it.

Oh, and one more thing on the kid-friendly bit: Oats in Coats comes with a super-cute activity sheet that has a coloring page on one side and a word search on the reverse. Not to mention the mascot, Oatis, wearing a coat on the side of the cup is adorable.

If you want a super-convenient, healthy breakfast option… It’s a tie

In terms of fast and portable breakfast options, an oatmeal cup is at the height of convenience. And, compared to a lot of other breakfast foods, it’s super healthy. Quaker Oats may have additional sugars, but it’s still a heart-healthy, fiber-filled food. Oats in Coats scores a few extra points, though, for sneaking dried vegetable powders (zucchini, beet, and carrot) that you can’t taste into their oats. Okay, and more points for the natural sweeteners that come from real fruits! Oats in Coats also receive an extra point for having a lid, so it can be taken in the car without a definite disaster.

If you want an allergen-free instant oatmeal… Oats in Coats

Did you know that not all oats are considered gluten-free? The oats themselves are, but they come in contact with wheat products during processing, transportation, and storage. Oats in Coats oats are certified gluten-free, though! They’re actually Top 9 Allergen Free, which means you can trust that this food is safe for those with allergies to milk, eggs, wheat (gluten), fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and sesame.

While it’s not an allergen, I was also happy to see that Oats in Coats uses glyphosate-free oats (glyphosate is an ingredient in Roundup weedkiller). I love knowing I can feed any child who enters my home Oats in Coats and they’ll be safe; plus, this allergy-friendly food is perfect for sharing at school or during sleepovers.

My winner is… Oats in Coats!

I love that Oats in Coats is simple and convenient. It’s got a fully recognizable ingredient list that includes some bonus hidden veggie powder on top of the fruits that naturally sweeten it. It passes the taste test for my kids, and it’s delicious and satisfying for adults. It’s oatmeal done well!