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North Face vs. OROS: Which Coat is Worth the Hype?

Susannah Boyar
BySusannah BoyarNov 26, 2022Sponsored

Before I moved to upstate New York for college, many well-wishers imparted the same piece of advice: “Make sure you get a good coat!” Upstate New York winters are colder, windier, and snowier than I was used to, so I knew I would need to get the perfect coat to keep me warm in the below-freezing temperatures. So, I narrowed it down to two options: North Face and OROS. I could go with the brand that people have known for decades, North Face, or with the new, NASA-inspired, vegan, zero-bulk brand, OROS. Here’s how I decided which is right for me:

If you want a coat that is thoughtfully crafted… OROS

OROS uses body-mapping technology to strategically place their SOLARCORE insulation in the thermal zones where it’s needed most. With OROS, you don’t have to compromise warmth and mobility – body-mapping and SOLARCORE insulation help you optimize warmth and mobility so you aren’t bogged down by your own weight.

Also, my personal favorite OROS jacket, the Orion Parka, isoutfitted with many special features, like the sternum strap for security and temperature regulation, the heat trap cuffs that comfortably traps warmth at your wrists, and the comfort collar that keeps the cold from your neck.

Of course, North Face jackets have nice features, like inside zip pockets and an adjustable hood, but nothing as thoughtful and useful as OROS.

If you want a bulky, puffy coat… North Face

If you’re looking to lean into the trend of the puffy coat, then sure–go for a North Face jacket that looks like it may have been blown up like a balloon. Just don’t blame me if you start to feel and look like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka when she turns into a blueberry. Even with all of the puff and fluff, North Face coats are no warmer than any other.

If you want a sleek, zero-bulk coat… OROS

OROS jackets are made with their patented SOLARCORE insulation that takes away the excess bulk without compromising any warmth. SOLARCORE insulation is flexible and thin, and is designed from a NASA technology called Aerogel that is used to insulate spacecrafts (space is like, super cold, BTW).

You can wear the jacket with minimal layers and not worry about looking bulky as you transition from the cold outdoor spaces to the warm indoors. You can basically do anything in an OROS coat and still stay warm (without looking like a blueberry).

If you care about animals and the environment… OROS

OROS jackets are vegan, since they use their SOLARCORE insulation instead of feathers. North Face jackets have goose down feathers, if that’s something you can stomach wearing all day. Even more, OROS uses recycled polyester instead of virgin petroleum-based materials and polyfluorocarbon-free durable water repellents instead of harmful polyfluorocarbons to make sure the jackets are water-repellent.

Overall winner... OROS

An OROS jacket is just too good to pass up. OROS keeps you toasty warm while outfitting you in the sleekest coats that outerwear has to offer.