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Nood vs. Kenzzi: Which Hair Removal Device is a Holy Grail?

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Feb 3, 2023Sponsored

I have a really great head of hair. My mane is thick, fast-growing, and super healthy. And while I love that I can describe the hair on my head in such glowing terms, unfortunately, the rest of my body hair also shares these traits. I can remember being incredibly self-conscious about my hairy legs from an early age and being overly eager to start shaving.

Now, I hate shaving. It takes forever, irritates my legs and bikini line, and razors are so expensive. I don’t have the stomach to wax myself (that unfinished experiment was a disaster!) and I don’t love the spread-eagle experience of a Brazilian appointment with my local esthy. Is there nothing better? Spoiler alert: there is! At-home IPL devices are the next big thing in hair removal. So, between Nood and Kenzzi, which do I buy?

Easiest to Use: Nood

Both the Kenzzi and the Nood devices arrive with multiple intensity settings and either pulse or glide modes. The pulse mode is nice for smaller areas and discharges a burst of light per button press. Glide mode is easier on larger areas as it provides a continuous flash for faster coverage.

The biggest differentiator is by far the LED display window on my Nood device. It made me feel more confident because I could easily see my current intensity level (1-7), the number of flashes my device has left (Nood arrives with 600,000!), and displays which mode I am using with no questions. That info display made me feel extra confident trying out a new and totally unfamiliar treatment, and was a huge draw towards my Nood device.

Effectiveness: Nood

These devices achieve hair removal by using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which targets the pigment in your hair follicle and damages it over time. Eventually, this results in less hair growth. IPL targets hair in the Anagen or growth phase, which usually lasts 2-3 weeks before the hair transitions into the other phases of the hair cycle during which IPL is not effective.

For this reason, I have a hard time believing my Kenzzi device is faster than my Nood handset. When using Nood, I noticed immediate slowed hair growth after just 2 sessions over the course of a week, and I would guess my hair reduction was at least 50% after 2 weeks in. Both devices are pain-free, though I do feel some heat, especially when I use them on their max settings or in more sensitive areas.

FDA Cleared: Tie

Both Kenzzi and Nood are FDA cleared and effective at removing hair of the course of 4-8 weeks (Kenzzi promises 4 weeks, Nood guarantees under 8 weeks). Using an at-home IPL device that’s safe is important to me, so I’m happy that Nood and Kenzzi both pass with flying colors here.

Best Value: Nood

With these devices having so many similarities, price point can easily be a decision-maker. And Nood absolutely comes out on top! The Nood Flasher 2.0 will set you back $209 with free shipping. Kenzzi’s device costs $249 and also has free shipping. That is a $40 savings for a device that, in my opinion, has more features and is easier to use.

Nood also has a 90-day money-back guarantee, and as someone who noticed a significant difference in 2 weeks, I think this gives you plenty of time to decide if this treatment is right for you. Another aspect that makes Nood a significantly better value than Kenzzi is that your Nood handset has a lifetime flash guarantee. If you ever run out of those 600,000 pulses, Nood will replace your device! Kenzzi has a 12-month warranty with no lifetime promises.

Overall Winner: Nood

Nood gets my glowing recommendation if you are looking to invest in an at-home IPL device. The ease of use, effectiveness, overall value, and awesome lifetime guarantee make it the easy choice. I am so excited to have finally found a device that actually works for hair removal and I can't wait to never buy razors again.

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