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My Subscription Addiction

Nood vs. Braun: Which One Gave Me The Best Results?

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 16, 2023Sponsored

Shaving. I loathe it because it’s so tedious, but I love that I get smooth skin. Unfortunately, it only lasts a few days before I’m all stubbly again. I’ve always wanted a long-term solution to removing my hair permanently without the expensive price tag or painful waxing treatments.

To add to my list of desires, I wanted something that saves time, gives long-lasting results, and is cost-effective. That’s when I learned about IPL, or intense pulsed light, which is a beginner-friendly, at-home, hair removal procedure with spa-quality results for a fraction of the cost. Two of the top brands are Nood and BRAUN, but which one should you get? I break it down here:

If You’re Looking For Beginner-Friendly Hair Removal… Nood

I’m a first-time at-home hair removal newbie, so this was my first criteria in deciding which I found easier to work with. The Nood Flasher 2.0 has a fully digital display with a wider window and higher intensity bulb for easy-to-understand instructions, fewer flashes, and faster sessions. Because I can get through larger areas at once, I get more consistently smooth results. BRAUN’s Silk Expert Pro 5 device is nice, but I didn’t always know if I was doing it right.

If You’re Looking For The Ultimate Bikini-Line Hair Removal Tool… Nood

If you’re like me, the area you have the most trouble getting smooth results is the bikini line. From painful ingrown hairs to razor bumps to uneven hyperpigmentation, it’s so hard for me to get the comfortable and silky results I want. Nood gave me those blemish-free results I needed for swimsuit season. (But let’s be honest, I want these results all year-round.) During my first week, I saw my blemishes from past shaving mishaps start to fade and it didn’t irritate the uber-sensitive skin in that area. Win-win!

If You’re Looking For The Best Price… Nood

Nood’s device is $209, vs. BRAUN’s $329 price tag. That’s a huge difference, especially considering I’m more of a Nood fan anyways.

If you get the BRAUN Silk Expert Pro 5 device, you’ll have a precision head, Venus razor, a transformer with a power cord and plug, and a carrying case to store everything. That’s a lot of stuff! I didn’t need all of those freebies, but it is a helpful all-in-one purchase if you need a whole set of hair removal tools. If you need all of those things, it may justify the $329 price tag, but I’d rather stick with my cheaper Nood device.

If You Want FDA-Approved At-Home Hair Removal Products … It’s a Tie!

Both the IPL devices - Nood’s Flasher 2.0 and BRAUN’s Silk Expert Pro 5 - are FDA-cleared. Though Nood is great for sensitive skin like mine, BRAUN does have a small advantage with a Skin Health Alliance Dermatological Accreditation for Skin Safety. I like knowing that any skincare tool I use has had adequate and additional testing from the FDA for an extra safe skincare performance. This element of safety really makes it tough to figure out a tiebreaker, so let’s check out the other benefits.

The Ultimate Winner… Nood

Which IPL is the ultimate winner? Nood’s Flasher 2.0! I really enjoyed how my skin felt after using it plus it was so easy to figure out how to work with it straight out of the box. It takes more than one try to see progress, but I have less prickliness, even tone, and smoother skin in a matter of weeks. Nood has a one-year warranty with a Lifetime Flash Guarantee that shows just how much they believe in their product. BRAUN is a fantastic brand, but my experience and results with Nood’s Flasher 2.0 won me over!