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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Nom Nom, Farmer’s Dog, and Ollie: My Dog Tried All 3, But Only 1 Was the Winner

Danielle Palko
ByDanielle PalkoJul 20, 2022Sponsored

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, Pharaoh Hounds, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, the incredible variety of breeds out there each have their own needs and yet for the longest time, there were relatively few dog food options in grocery stores.

But fortunately, there are now companies that specialize in making healthy, tasty, whole foods that are tailored for your own dog’s needs. Three of the best are Nom Nom, Ollie, and The Farmer’s Dog. Find out which one I’ll be choosing for my own star pup, Paisley, and the winner of each category below!

1. The Ingredients and Recipes Group…Nom Nom Wins

Nom Nom meals use fresh, whole ingredients that are gently cooked and mixed together, then packed and prepared in their own USA kitchens, differences you can see and that my dog definitely tasted. Plus, Nom Nom’s recipes follows AAFCO requirements and are formulated by their own on-staff veterinary nutritionists. I love that with just a few orders, you can see the benefits of fresh food such as a shinier coat, better breath, smaller poops, and more energy. Nom Nom even offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t see benefits in 30 days.

Visually, Nom Nom stands out with fresh, whole ingredients you can actually see and recognize, while Ollie’s less than appetizing-looking mush doesn’t inspire as much confidence.

Runner up: Farmer's Dog

2. The Customization Group…Nom Nom

Every dog is different — and their food options should reflect that.

Ollie takes all your pet’s details into account when developing meals, paying close attention to known and potential allergies.

Farmer’s Dog also takes health and allergy issues into account for your pet’s food.

Nom Nom has board-certified veterinary nutritionists on staff, and they have crafted meals that are perfect for your pet — portioned to their exact needs based on the quiz you fill out. You can also choose full or half portions so it fits your budget. And with 4 different recipes (Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, Turkey Fare), even the pickiest eater will find their favorite.

Runner up: Ollie

3. The Convenience Group…Ollie

All three companies have exciting meal options — but how easy is it to portion, serve, and store those meals?

Nom Nom takes the guesswork out of feeding with convenient single packs portioned to your dog’s daily needs. But ​​if you don't want to feed all Fresh, it doesn't make it as easy to store.

Farmer’s Dog meals also come in bags, but theirs have the benefit of being more easily squeezable. Food can be stored in your fridge, but you will need to use your own containers.

On this front, Ollie has its game down. User-friendly packaging and a convenient leftover container make portioning and storing meals easy as pie!

Runner up: Nom Nom

4. The Nutrition Group…Nom Nom

Nutritionists know that feeding our pets well is the best way to prevent chronic disease, and I agree. I want to know what’s in Paisley’s food. I’m passionate about giving her what I want for myself: wholesome real foods, where I can see the quality and be assured that care has been taken to make them as healthy as possible.

With minimal processing and chunks of real food, you can almost see all the natural nutritiousness of proteins and veggies in Nom Nom. As an optional extra, add a probiotic to your shipment to help digestion and absorption of all those nutrients.

I like that Farmer’s Dog has relatively simple, protein-rich meals that are boosted with extra vitamins and minerals.

Ollie also prioritizes meaty meals with added nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants from fresh berries.

Runner up: Farmer’s Dog

Ultimate Winner

For me, I like knowing Paisley has the most nutritious and delicious meals, the same I would want for myself. For these reasons, plus the customization, Nom Nom is mine (and Paisley’s) favorite!

Danielle Palko
Danielle Palko

My name is Danielle and I'm a pet photographer located in a coastal town in central Florida! My dog Paisley is a Saint Bernard/American Bulldog mix and is always ready for a beach or river trip. We've done lots of training to perfect her modeling skills and she LOVES it when I bring my camera on our adventures. We enjoy being outdoors at the beach, paddling on the river, or just enjoying a nice park.