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My Subscription Addiction

New Year, Even Better You: The Unofficial Guide to Men’s Skincare

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsDec 13, 2022In Partnership With Tiege Hanley

Right about now, everyone’s looking within and identifying where they can make self-improvements. We love to see a go-getter leveraging the new year as a growth moment! I’m leaning into one I’ve been putting off for a few years: my skin.

For a long time I knew absolutely nothing about how to care for my skin, which I’ve learned is really common among men. It felt complicated to find the right products and figure out what to do with them. But, I recently came across Tiege Hanley, and their quality skincare systems for men have demystified it completely—just in time for a self-care resolution.

No Research Necessary

Rather than flailing around the internet for the skincare that’s right for your skin type or needs, take the Tiege Hanley quiz. There are only a handful of questions, and they’re really easy to answer—no prior experience with skincare necessary. Your responses will yield Tiege Hanley’s recommended products, and they’re all affordable. There’s something for all needs including sun damage, acne, wrinkles, or even just an upgraded, matured version of a basic wash-and-moisturize routine you already have going.

Something for Every Level of Commitment

Want to keep it simple? Tiege Hanley’s entry level system is effective for taking amazing care of your skin, and it’s not going to demand a huge time commitment. It’s going to smooth, hydrate, and protect your skin with just 4 core products.

Looking for a little more? Tiege Hanley's Level 2 system adds in an eye serum to address crow’s feet and dark circles. Ready to go all in? Level 3 includes all of the above plus a fine-line-smoothing serum to minimize wrinkles. This is for the gentleman who is ready to get really intentional with self-care. It’s about more than just what’s in the bottles; it’s about the love you give yourself.

Unique Scents

These products are loaded up with eucalyptus oil, willow bark extract, and rosemary oil. These ingredients stimulate the skin & have antiseptic properties, reduce irritation and inflammation, and reduce skin’s oiliness and more, respectively. They’re designed to work seamlessly with other ingredients to avoid irritation and maximize positive effects on your skin overall. And they also smell really good, in a subtle kind of way. If you want something openly scented, check out Tiege Hanley’s deodorant and body wash.

It’s the Details for Me

These products are so well-thought-out, I don’t have to do any thinking. They’re all TSA-compliant, so once I have my new routine going I don’t have to change it even during travel. They’re developed in cooperation with a dermatologist, a chemist, and The Skin Cancer Foundation, so I know I can trust them to be clean and safe. And as a bonus, they’re committed to sustainability by using a minimum of 35% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material in all their new product packaging, among other efforts.

Ready for the Next Version of Yourself?

New to skincare or not, this is your stop. Going the Tiege Hanley men’s skincare route eliminates the need to search for the right routine, and it has something for everyone no matter your age, your experience level, or your skin’s needs. I’m not waiting until January 1 to start my personal upgrade—I’m going for it right now.