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Nespresso vs. Cometeer: Which Is the Best Holiday Gift for Coffee Lovers?

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsNov 9, 2022Sponsored

Do you have a true coffee lover on your holiday shopping list? I’m a coffee super drinker who has tried nearly all of the options out there. Recently, I tried two of the better ones, Cometeer and Nespresso, to see which is *actually* the best gift to give the coffee lovers in my life.

And after my extended taste test with both, there was a clear winner. If you want to find the best brew for your holiday crew, keep reading to find out who wins.

Round 1: Taste. Cometeer Is The Clear Winner.

At least for me, taste is one of the most essential parts of my morning coffee – if it doesn’t taste delightfully crisp each morning, I don’t want it.

And if you want to give the most delicious holiday gift, then taste is where Cometeer blows Nespresso out of the water. Cometeer is made with the highest quality coffee beans from the globe’s best roasters. The beans are ground and brewed with incredible precision and then flash frozen at peak flavor. So, really, it’s no wonder Cometeer is the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had.

Don’t get me wrong – Nespresso isn’t bad by any means, but Cometeer is just so much more fresh, crisp, and bursting with flavor. I like my coffee bold and black, so I have Cometeer’s Medium/Dark Roast Box delivered right to my door each month.

Round 2: Convenience. Cometeer Wins By Miles.

Another important point I consider when buying a unique gift like coffee for my loved ones – how quickly and efficiently can they get coffee into their system after waking up in the morning? And like with the taste, Cometeer wins by a mile.

Cometeer is really unique – they’re not pods that you jam into a loud, bulky machine like you have to do with Nespresso. They’re frozen capsules (think mini hockey pucks) that you just have to put into a cup of hot or cold water each morning. No machines. No waiting 10 minutes for the coffee brewer to heat up and actually brew the coffee. No messy clean up. Pure efficiency and convenience with Cometeer.

Cometeer’s phrase that won me over is, “making great coffee is hard, but melting great coffee is easy.” I discovered the truth in this very, very quickly.

I’m not a fan of hot coffee. Never have been. Normally, if you’re a hot coffee drinker, you would store your Cometeer frozen coffee “pucks” in the freezer and then dunk them in hot water in the morning. But if you enjoy your coffee on ice like I do, you just have to put one or two in the fridge overnight and then pour the liquid goodness into a glass of water each morning to enjoy.

Round 3: Variety of Options: Nespresso Just Barely Wins.

Is having a huge variety of flavors important to the person you’re shopping for this holiday season? If so, Nespresso does have a slight edge on Cometeer in the options department. Nespresso has tons and tons of options on their site for flavors, which actually made it pretty hard for me to decide which one to pick. But they do have slightly more options than Cometeer.

With that said, Cometeer has fewer options, but better ones. With Nespresso, I tried about 12 different flavors over the course of the week and only enjoyed about three of them. With Cometeer, I tried only six different flavors and enjoyed every single one.

“The Internet Famous” coffee, Cometeer, actually helps you decide which option to go with too by helping build out a custom coffee drinker profile (basically, a fun quiz on their website), whereas Nespresso just leaves it up to you to navigate and figure out.

Round 4: Quality. Cometeer, Yet Again, Wins.

I always want to buy the best-quality Christmas gifts and after trying both Cometeer and Nespresso, I could tell there was a significant difference in the coffee quality between the two. I thought Cometeer was much, much better than Nespresso, and later discovered that Cometeer’s coffee is actually *real* brewed coffee made with *real* coffee beans. Nespresso, on the other hand, is just dried coffee grounds and it definitely tasted the part.

I had thought coffee was just coffee and everything was the same, but after experiencing the difference between Cometeer and Nespresso, I can tell you confidently that not all coffee is created equally. In this case, Cometeer blows Nespresso out of the water – their hyper-flavorful coffee blends are made with the highest quality beans from the world’s best roasters – yep, real brewed coffee that’s made to be as delicious as humanly possible.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Winner: Cometeer.

Honestly, I thought Nespresso was going to put up a much better fight against Cometeer than it did in my coffee showdown, but it didn’t. Cometeer is the clear winner in almost all of the categories this holiday season: taste, convenience, and quality.

I also want to give Cometeer props for how unique and innovative it is. When was the last time you melted your coffee instead of brewing it? Cometeer offers me such a cool coffee-making process each morning that ends up saving me a ton of time and energy. And it also ends up being the best tasting coffee I have ever enjoyed.

If you’re interested in gifting Cometeer to yourself or loved ones this holiday season, then use our special link to save $30 off your first purchase. Just click here and thank me later!