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Nespresso vs. Cometeer: Which Is Better?

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsOct 28, 2022Sponsored

Cometeer v Nespresso

I tried two of the better coffee options out there, Cometeer and Nespresso, and compared them on taste, convenience, variety and quality. See who wins below.

Round 1: Taste. Cometeer Is The Clear Winner.

Taste is where Cometeer blows Nespresso out of the water. Cometeer is made with the highest quality coffee beans from the globe’s best roasters. The beans are ground and brewed with incredible precision and then flash frozen at peak flavor.

Round 2: Convenience. Cometeer Wins By Miles.

Cometeer is unique – they're not pods that you jam into a loud, bulky machine like with Nespresso. They’re frozen capsules that you just put into a cup of hot or cold water each morning. No machines. No waiting 10 minutes for the coffee brewer to heat up and actually brew the coffee. No messy clean up.

Round 3: Variety of Options: Nespresso Just Barely Wins.

Nespresso has a slight edge on Cometeer options-wise if a huge variety of flavors is important to you. Nespresso has tons of options for flavors, but that made it hard for me to decide which one to pick. With that said, Cometeer has fewer options, but better ones.

Round 4: Quality. Cometeer, Yet Again, Wins.

I could tell there was a big difference in the quality between the two. I thought Cometeer was better than Nespresso, and later discovered that their coffee is actually *real* brewed coffee made with *real* coffee beans. Nespresso, on the other hand, is just dried coffee grounds and it definitely tasted the part.

The Ultimate Winner: Cometeer.

I thought Nespresso was going to put up a better fight against Cometeer than it did. Cometeer is the clear winner in taste, convenience, and quality. I want to give Cometeer props for how unique and innovative it is. Cometeer offers me such a cool coffee-making process each morning that ends up saving me a ton of time and energy. I'd highly recommend trying it out!


RC Williams
RC Williams
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