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My Subscription Addiction

Here Are Our Top Picks From Nanit’s Amazing BYOB Sale

GV Editorial Team
ByGV Editorial TeamDec 12, 2023In Partnership With nanit

Here’s the situation: Nanit is offering an outrageous 25% off your most-coveted Nanit goodies.

All you have to do: Just pick 4 of your favorite Nanit items, add to cart & save 25%, using code BUNDLE25.

A deal like this doesn’t happen very often, so don’t ponder it for more than a moment. And if you're not sure what you want, let us help you! Read on for our to picks from this sale.

1. Top-rated Nanit Pro Camera + Floor Stand

Not only is the video quality crystal clear and the sound reliable, Nanit goes above and beyond with offering a good user experience: there are 3 stand options so no matter your room setup, you’ll find something that both works well and is visually pleasing. In use, this monitor safely connects to your phone to give you all sorts of specs like sleep tracking, breathing monitoring, head and body positioning to notice patterns, and milestone documentation. The temperature and humidity levels are there for you. You’re alerted when your baby needs you. It’s all tracked using high-quality cameras and sensors, so no lasers or harmful lights.

2. Flex Stand

The Flex Stand ensures that you can bring your Pro Camera with you from room to room, or even on-the-go! We love that you and your little one will never have to be without it.

3. Breathing Wear Swaddle (in powder blue!)

For peace of mind and to track baby's breath while sleeping, we highly recommend Nanit's Breathing Wear Swaddle in the sweetest powder blue color. The custom pattern works with the Pro Camera to safely detect your baby’s breathing motion in almost any sleep position–without sensors, electronics, or radars. Keep your baby extra comfy all night long with this swaddle.

4. Sound + Light Machine

We love the Nanit Sound + Light Machine as a final touch on any nursery, creating a relaxing environment to help your baby sleep, with a library of soothing sounds & night light colors that can be adjusted right from your phone.

Run, don't walk!

This exclusive sale only runs through September 20th, 2023, which will be here before you know it. All it takes is 4 items to unlock 25% off!

Don’t miss out on a chance to save the big bucks for something you already know you want and need. Upgrade now and reap the benefits for the foreseeable future!

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