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My Subscription Addiction

5 Must-Haves From Nanit Boxing Day Sale

Beatrice Wilter
ByBeatrice WilterDec 23, 2022In Partnership With nanit

New parents and tech parents alike are going to die with this new deal. For a limited time only, Nanit is offering 25% off regular-priced items and up to 30% off Nanit bundles! But there’s a catch – you can only unlock access to this exclusive deal by clicking the link below.

Now, 25% off regular-priced items sounds like a pretty good deal, but you might be wondering, “which product is worth getting with this sale?” Well, as a parent myself that loves the idea of getting new gadgets for our nursery for less, here’s what I’d say is worth it from the Nanit Boxing Day sale.

1. Nanit Pro Camera

Not only does this app-connected camera let you see your baby from almost anywhere, but it also has computer vision technology to give you real-time sleep analytics and personalized expert tips to help your baby get more zzzs. Also, you’ll be surprised at the crystal-clear video quality of the image. Even more, the Nanit Pro Camera + Floorstand is $100 off, and to top it off, the Nanit Pro Camera + Wall Mount is 25% off!

2. Best Sellers Bundle

Whether you’re a new parent or you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for new parents, this bundle has it all. It comes with my all-time favorite Nanit Pro Camera, your choice of wall mount or floor stand, a sensor-free breathing band, a travel case, a flex stand and one year of Insights Basic, which includes personalized tips to help you improve baby’s sleep.

3. Nanit Travel Pack

This adorable travel pack has enough space to bring your Nanit Pro Camera, but also comes with a portable Flex Stand to get 130-degree views of any sleep or play space. The hard case protects everything and keeps it all organized.

4. Nanit Breathing Band

This custom-designed breathing band works with the Pro Camera to detect your baby’s breathing motion in all sleep positions. It doesn’t require any sensors, electronics, or radars. Nanit tracks breaths per minute and alerts you of any quick changes via the app should your baby need you.

5. Nanit Smart Sheets

These super cool sheets will show your baby growths in real time. When paired with the Pro Camera, the Nanit Smart Sheets estimate your baby’s measurements, allowing you to track your baby’s growth from your phone!

With all of these cool devices and more, why wouldn’t you use this deal to save up to 25% off popular products and up to 30% off on bundles!? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big!

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