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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Wife Pushed Me to Try Intimacy Pills and It May Have Saved Our Marriage

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsApr 18, 2023In Partnership With Viking Man

When I married my wife several years ago, my married friends and family members shared their experiences. They warned us about potential problems and recommended travel agents, brokers, real estate lawyers, daycares, veterinarians, and everything in between.

The one aspect of married life nobody warned us about is ED, aka erectile dysfunction.

A Topic That’s Been Swept Under the Rug for Far Too Long

When I first began experiencing ED symptoms, I pretty much just ignored it. Honestly, it's humiliating, so I just made excuses anytime she wanted to fool around in the bedroom. This, of course, made her think I was hiding something, which was the root of a lot of our arguments. It took a while for me to admit to my wife that it I was dealing with ongoing ED.

I ended up asking my primary care doctor about it, but it was awkward because I've known him for so many years and consider him a friend. My wife suggested a specialist, but I kept putting off scheduling an appointment, hoping that the problem would resolve itself.

Enter Viking Man

When my wife first suggested I try Viking Man, I was still pretty hesitant. Then, she explained that it’s an easy online solution to treat ED. I don't have to book an appointment with a brick-and-mortar doctor or spend time in a waiting room to drag out the whole process. The experience was 100% private, which was the only way I would consider even trying to solve it.

How it Works

Viking Man doctors prescribe the same kind of FDA-approved active ingredients for treating ED that most guys end up taking at a certain point in their life, like Viagra and Cialis.

All I had to do was fill out a questionnaire online, get a treatment plan from a US-licensed doctor, and wait for the prescription medication to arrive at my door. The pills ship in an unmarked package, and can be auto-shipped so I don't have to spend any time thinking about it. The consultation was free, and Viking Man offers ongoing provider support for questions and free follow-ups.

All treatment plans are customized to the individual, and Viking Man doctors can even address non-ED issues like hair loss and insomnia. I was surprised by how seamless the process was.

Our Takeaway

Viking Man is the reason I was able to gain my manhood back. My wife is thrilled to see me feeling myself again and I'm grateful that our marriage is better than ever. I would suggest Viking Man to any guy dealing with ED.