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My Subscription Addiction

My Secret to Sticking to My 2023 Resolutions

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereJan 11, 2023In Partnership With Honeylove

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of New Year’s Resolutions that I can’t commit to. This year I’m not holding myself to unrealistic beauty standards or feeling guilty about broken promises to myself. I am not going to crash diet, sign up for workout classes 5 days a week, or buy a 2 gallon water bottle. I am going to instead focus on loving and honoring my body every day. I’m going to spend my effort finding pieces to invest in that flatter my shape and have me showing up feeling good about myself.

I had a bunch of weddings in 2022, so at the beginning of the year I discovered Honeylove because of their award winning shapewear. I ended up buying their SuperPower Short to wear under my fancy dresses, and I also got their best-selling CrossOver Bra which has been my go-to almost every single day for comfortable support. It has completely eliminated back rolls and lines under my t-shirts.

This year as I focus more on how things fit and flatter my body, I am again looking to Honeylove to invest in a few high quality garments that I know will have me kicking off 2023 feeling amazing. After reading a ton of reviews, I decided to get a pair of the Legging 2.0 to replace my stretched out, unflattering leggings that I have had for years yet still find myself wearing when I need a stretchy waistband. Once they arrived in the mail, I was blown away.

I never thought leggings could surprise me, but the Legging 2.0 from Honeylove are truly unlike any other pair I’ve put on. They have a wide waistband that is dig-proof and shaping panels to support the low belly. Did you read that? THERE IS SHAPEWEAR BUILT INTO THESE LEGGINGS! I can sit down and they’re not cutting into my waist, creating a muffin top. And the built-in shaping pulls in my belly in such a flattering way, but doesn’t squeeze or ever feel uncomfortable. I cannot tell you how many leggings I’ve owned that have squeezed me in all the wrong places. Once I put these on I felt like the legging had been reinvented.

They also hold their shape no matter what. Most leggings I’ve had get stretched out after a few wears and washes. These Honeylove leggings are made of a really high quality fabric: they’re strong but never crushing me, flexible without being flimsy. I can go on walks, do my morning yoga, and they always feel the same.

Oh yeah, and they have pockets. The pockets are hidden along the side of the legs and they’re actually big enough to fit my phone in them completely without worrying it’s going to fall out. I’ve worn these on a travel day, and having my phone right in my pocket while still wearing the world’s most comfortable leggings actually made the day less stressful. And since the fabric is so strong, putting something in the pocket doesn’t drag down the pant, everything miraculously stays in place.

Overall, Honeylove’s leggings went above and beyond with their features and it shows every time I put them on. They flatter me with their built-in shapewear, I can wear them every day without worrying they’ll stretch out, and they’re comfortable. Honestly, this one pair of leggings has actually supported my resolution to love and honor my body more.