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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Partner And I Found Ourselves In a Rut – Until We Tried Maude

Damon Sumner
ByDamon SumnerOct 12, 2022In Partnership With Maude

After three kids, building a business, sports practices, and the pure evil of Atlanta traffic, there wasn’t any time left for my wife and I. The communication, love, and care for each other was there, but the passion between us was about as strong as a third grader trying to carry in all the grocery bags at once. Even after asking our closest friends for sage advice, we couldn’t shake this rut we found ourselves in.

One day, my wife said plainly, “Our sex life sucks.” And that’s when it really hit me–it did suck. To be fully honest, I panicked, and we were both desperate to find solutions. That’s when we came across Maude and everything changed.

Maude’s products are approachable and effective

Maude is a sexual wellness company with a relaxed and approachable look, which really encouraged us to try them. Many other sexual wellness brands look too intense, and it made me feel a tad intimidated. On the other hand, the products and overall vibe of Maude felt chill and user-friendly. It may sound cliche, but it feels like they really applied the “less is more” motto, and we loved it.

My wife and I got a massage candle, lubricant, a personal massager, and some body wash. Everything was aesthetically pleasing and curated the exact experience we’ve been looking for. In the past, our bedroom would feel more like a high school counselor’s office, but the scent of the candle helped us create a sexier vibe in the bedroom. We loved the body wash, too–who doesn’t love a partner who smells great? The scents definitely elevated the energy between my wife and I. Plus, the massager–let’s just say we added another to the cart!

Maude has restored the passion in our relationship

I can’t lie–by simply adding a few of these goodies from Maude into our lives, things have been moving in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong–sex isn’t everything. However, I do believe sex is more of a thermometer rather than a thermostat. Our sexual wellness has greatly improved since bringing these overdue treats into our bedroom.

We feel an excitement for intimacy again–the fire between us has been reignited because the pleasure is at an all-time high. We’ve told all of our friends about Maude, who go “oh, really?” with those eyes that lets you know they are taking mental notes and going to google Maude when they get home alone.

Our Verdict

Overall, having my wife lay down the hard truth at the kitchen table months ago was one of the best things for our marriage. We’re true fans of Maude–we’ve already ordered a third time! This is just the beginning for us as we aim to deepen our relationship, and we can attribute a lot of this to Maude.