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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My New Year’s Resolutions Are Going to Be Way Easier to Keep Thanks to This Program

Sanna Chu
BySanna ChuJan 2, 2023In Partnership With Nutrisense

Every year I resolve to make better lifestyle choices at the start of the new year. I want to eat healthier, sleep better, and exercise more. But by February (or sooner) I fall back into unhealthy habits. I want to find something to keep me more consistent so a friend suggested I try Nutrisense.

So when I first read about Nutrisense, I was immediately intrigued. This little device analyzes your glucose levels in real-time giving you the information you need to make lasting changes that work for you. Here’s why I’ve signed up for Nutrisense:

1. Get personalized information on what works for you

What works for some people won’t necessarily work for others. The Nutrisense program makes it easy to track your blood sugar levels to give you the ability to understand your own body’s unique needs. Application of the CGM is easy and painless and the small device stays on the back of your arm to give you valuable feedback throughout the day.

2. Stay accountable and achieve your health goals with the app

With the Nutrisense app, you can scan your CGM to visualize your data and see the patterns that emerge. You can track your daily activity by logging meals, exercise, mood, and sleep to see how these factors impact your glucose levels. You can also run experiments and set goals within the app to really make an impact.

3. Set yourself up for success with one-on-one expert advice

With every Nutrisense subscription plan, you’ll receive expert dietitian support from the start, so you can be sure that you’re interpreting your health data accurately. With your dietitian’s help, you can create an action plan for improving your health with manageable habits that have a lasting effect.

4. Optimize your health with real lasting results

Nutrisense members have seen weight loss, more stable energy throughout the day, better sleep, a deeper understanding of which foods are good for them, and the ability to control cravings. When you have actionable data on what your body needs, you can make informed decisions that impact your health and well-being.

New Year, new me

I’ve signed up for Nutrisense’s 3-month program which includes two 14-day CGM sensors per month and one-month free dietitian support for $250 per month but you can also save more with longer commitments.

I can’t wait to get started in the New Year with a renewed focus on my health. And I think Nutrisense is going to be just the thing I need to make lasting changes.