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My Mom Sleep Hack: A Smart Soother That Does EVERYTHING!

Meagan Henderson
ByMeagan HendersonDec 28, 2022In Partnership With Happiest Baby

I know CEOs and lawyers and surgeons. But a day in the life of a mom can be 10 times more work than any of those roles, and we’re sleep-deprived on top of it. We mothers need to create space for ourselves so we’re on our top game to form future generations, and my best trick for this is SNOObie.

In short, SNOObie is the ultimate sleep hack for babies, toddlers, and their parents—on the surface, it’s a white noise machine, but in reality, it’s so much more than that. Find out how this sleep soother and trainer is growing up with my family and why I couldn’t live without it.

The Sleep Soother That’s Keeping My Kids Asleep Longer

It Soothes the Baby

While my first son was born into a gentle environment with all his needs catered to right away, his newborn brother has a different reality. Some days he lives with a dinosaur, some days it’s a very loud zombie, and some days it’s a regular old two-year-old big brother—which is its own type of noisy beast. When the baby and I go into the nursery, the 12 soothing soundtracks nestle us in our own little peaceful bubble. On top of soothing his fussing, it honestly also calms me down to hear the gentle sounds coming from SNOObie. (For those familiar with the SNOO Smart Sleeper, they’re the same ones—plus a few extras!)

SNOObie sound machine was designed by the famous pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, who also invented the 5 S’s. One of them is shushing, which can help trigger the calming reflex in tiny babies, who are used to hearing the whooshing of their mother’s blood flowing in the womb. What do in-utero whooshing and shushing have in common? They’re white noise. So, the gentle calming noises coming from this sound machine truly encourage sleep in babies.

It’s Gently Training My Toddler

When the baby is down for one of his many naps per day, I know I can rely on SNOObie to stretch those sleep times out as long as they need to be. When it comes to big brother, his one nap per day isn’t always enough time for me to get the house back in order and take a moment to myself. So, the other features of the SNOObie are helping us there—namely, the OK-to-wake function. Using different-colored lights, it lets him know when he should stay in his room and play quietly, and when it’s OK to open his door and come out.

Also included in the SNOObie’s sound settings are two mindful breathing tracks that not only encourage quiet time with an auditory cue, but also occupy my son. At nighttime, we have customized his light to be his favorite color, orange, which can be turned on, off, and dimmed by parents easily. With the Happiest Baby App I can adjust our SNOObie’s signals to work for our day. But usually I leave it how we like it, with an OK-to-wake routine that my son can rely on.

One last feature I love about the light on the SNOObie is that if my two-year-old wakes up feeling afraid from a bad dream at night, the familiar soothing color can calm him back to sleep without him needing to come get me.

It Comes With Us Wherever We Go

This smart soother has practically become a part of the family. I can’t imagine going to nana’s house or anywhere else without it! The familiarity nurtures sleep on-the-go for my two little ones, and like I said before, even I feel calmer when I hear its restful sounds. The SNOObie is rechargeable and the battery lasts all night, so I can count on it to provide continuity even if we find ourselves outside our usual space.

Our Must-Have

When I’m well-rested, I’m better equipped to be an amazing mom, so the SNOObie is benefitting my entire family by gently encouraging sleep and quiet play in my little ones. Its sounds are soothing, its customizable light is calming, and it is one item we never leave the house without. I don’t know what I would do without our SNOObie.