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My Subscription Addiction

My Mom Hack For Easy Healthy Eating – Without the Added Cleanup

Krystal Dunn
ByKrystal DunnOct 4, 2022In partnership with kencko

Being a mom, my world typically revolves around my daughter, so I often forget to make time for healthy eating. I buy fruits and veggies to make smoothies at home, but 90% of the time they go bad before I eat them (plus, I despise doing dishes). It was obvious to me that I needed to find another way–that’s when I discovered what kencko had to offer.

Kencko is a smoothie delivery service that sends you portable, freeze-dried packets of smoothies that don’t need to be refrigerated. The best part: they have a wide variety of flavors to choose from, so you aren’t stuck drinking the same one over and over. I also love that they are packed with 2 ½ cups of organic fruits and vegetables.

Delicious and wholesome smoothies with real results

I was worried that powdered fruits and vegetables wouldn’t taste good–but I’m happy to report that these smoothies are delicious! After drinking kencko smoothies for a while now, my skin looks brighter, I’m sleeping better, and they’ve kept my sugar cravings at bay.

Another important factor for me was that these are gluten-free, have no artificial additives, and no added sugars. Being gluten-free isn’t always easy, so anytime I find something that is, is a huge win! I’ve noticed that I’m way less bloated on the whole, which has me feeling great during the day.

My favorite thing about kencko is how it’s gotten me to try ingredients that I wouldn’t normally try. For example, the “Mochas” packets have chaga mushrooms, the “Peaches” smoothie includes rhubarb, and are both packed full of vitamins to help me reach my health goals! I’ve noticed an increase in my energy due to the increase in good-for-me ingredients, which makes a huge difference in how I interact with my daughter.

Nutrition coaching with a registered dietitian

I also really love that kencko offers a 60-day Free Nutrition Coaching with a registered dietitian. For me, this helps me figure out where to start and keeps me accountable. With the coaching, you’ll receive a 1:1 phone call or video consultation to go over your goals, a detailed nutrition plan, recipe suggestions, plus unlimited text and email support. Thanks to the coaching, I’ve been able to stick to my health goals for longer than I would have otherwise, which has made such a difference in my hair, skin, energy, and gut health.

Convenient and affordable smoothies

Kencko’s convenience and cost are unmatched. I travel a lot, and I can take them on-the-go without worrying about them spoiling (they last almost 6 months!). They’re small enough to fit multiple in my backpack, too.

Monthly kencko memberships are broken down into 3 different memberships: 20 smoothies at $2.99 per smoothie, 30 smoothies at $2.69 per smoothie, or 60 smoothies at $2.49 per smoothie, with an option to cancel at any time. When comparing apples to apples, 1 kencko smoothie with ½ lb of fresh product is $2.49, while ½ lb of mixed berries from the store is $4.50. Kencko feels cheaper to me than buying produce that spoils quickly, so I’m saving a ton of money in the long run and getting my vitamins in.

My Verdict

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with kencko and the quality of the smoothies we received.  The smoothies are affordable, delicious, and very filling to boot–it’s never been easier getting my fruits and vegetables in. On top of upping my nutrition game, it has me craving healthier foods and gives me the energy I need to keep up with my 4-year-old. Overall, I would absolutely recommend giving kencko a try to make healthy eating a breeze.