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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Life Before Home Chef vs Now

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoMar 21, 2022

When I moved out of my parents' home at 18, my mom tried her best to keep me properly fed. Every weekend, my parents would drive three hours and visit me at college. I was lucky enough to have my own apartment back then, complete with a small kitchen. However, I had no idea what I was doing in the kitchen, even if I was forced to. As a teenager, my mom tried to teach me how to cook the basics but we'd both get easily frustrated and I really didn't learn how to make anything besides hard-boiled eggs, and ... yeah, that was it. So, instead of letting me starve, my mom would meal-prep for me and bring it over each weekend. But the few times that I had to make chicken, it would go either way: I'd either burn it or leave it raw. There was no in-between.

It took me a few years after that to learn how to make some breakfast items, fish, pasta, and microwave rice. It wasn't much but I defended myself. I never really had a passion for cooking; I would get frustrated because it would take too long or things would go wrong – until I came across Home Chef.

During the pandemic, I picked up a few skills and perfected many recipes because I was working from home and I had the time – just like everyone else. But as the world "went back to normal," I spent more time working and less time in the kitchen. That's when Home Chef came into my life. Due to my lack of time, I decided to give the meal delivery service a try.

Let me tell you how my life has changed since I started using Home Chef:

I actually enjoy cooking now

When you join Home Chef, you take a quiz where you state your preferences in meals, recipes, and ingredients you want to include or exclude. Personally, I pick meals that are quick to make and involve a protein like chicken, beef, or pork. I tried doing the vegetarian lifestyle some time ago but it affected my health. However, if you are vegetarian, vegan, keto, or want carb-conscious recipes, Home Chef has options to choose from.

On top of choosing recipes I actually like, Home Chef sends recipes and even a booklet where you can store said recipe cards. This has made cooking much more enjoyable as not only do I actually know what I'm doing now but I look forward to new recipes during every shipment. So yeah, I do feel like a home chef.

I can pick between pre-made meals and one to cook

As I spend more time outside, I sometimes have less time to spend in the kitchen. So instead of buying out or racking my brain for a quick meal, I can simply opt for Home Chef to send me oven-ready meals, which require low to no preparation. Not only that, but when I do have the time, I can choose unprepared meals for when I have some time in the evenings or the weekends. The part that I love the most is that even when I choose a specific meal and dietary restriction, I still have full access to their menu if I change my mind at any moment.

Saving money on meals

As someone who is seriously impaired in the kitchen, I'd spend hundreds of dollars eating out. Now I'm spending half of that same amount getting Home Chef delivered and learning how to make everything from seared scallops with risotto to tofu lettuce cups. If I order Home Chef meals for two people (in this case, two meals for just one) and get around five recipes a week, I'd spend $90 a week. That's the equivalent of five meals while eating out or ordering delivery. In the end, I get double the amount of Home Chef meals for the same price as restaurant meals. And they taste even better half the time.

The verdict

Home Chef has basically saved my life and stopped me from starving and spending too much money on food, as dramatic as that sounds. I've learned a couple of recipes that I've actually kept in rotation and I don't get bored with my meals because I get new recipes every week. Not only that, but I'm saving so much money and can even now spend it on things like going out, hobbies, and fun activities to do with my friends. All in all, my life is definitely better with Home Chef. And it can be for you, too!

Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Melissa Caraballo is a Puerto Rican native living in New York City, writing about everything from beauty and food to celebrities and lifestyle for a living. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez with an English bachelor's and pursued a master's in journalism from Syracuse University.