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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Life Before & After Discovering the Best Kept Secret in Dinnertime

Jenna Pellerin
ByJenna PellerinNov 18, 2022In Partnership With Feast & Fettle

Every Sunday morning, I would spend what felt like hours searching through cookbooks and Pinterest to come up with my meal plan for the week. Then, I’d spend more time going food shopping and making dinner.

Frankly, cooking healthy homemade meals took away time that I didn’t have as a mom of four. I was frustrated and stressed out,  but then I found the best kept secret in dinnertime - Feast & Fettle.

They do all the cooking

Even though my time is limited as a mom to four young children, I never want to compromise health and nutrition. I cook a healthy meal for my family every night, but it can be super time-consuming (especially with a toddler attached to your leg)!

When Feast & Fettle reached out to try their meal services, I was beyond excited. The meals are all prepared locally with fresh, real ingredients that I’m comfortable serving to my family. Meals arrive fresh in an insulated bag, and all you need to do is reheat and enjoy. It’s just the thing this tired mom needs.

I get more time to relax and be with my family

I spend a lot of energy on meal planning and prepping, when half the time my kids don’t even want to eat it. Thankfully, Feast & Fettle has several menu options so you can pick different protein, sides, and salads that the whole family will enjoy. I have to say, having all of these choices laid out in a family-style buffet pleased even my pickiest eaters! It was the best of both worlds–not only were they happy to eat something they love, but I was happy it was healthy.

Normally I have several different pots, pans, and small appliances to clean, but with Feast & Fettle already being cooked and prepared, cleanup was quick and easy. (Read: I could finally get some much-needed relaxation time).

They accommodate my allergies

Feast & Fettle has a super easy website to navigate and they display all of the common allergens in icon form. I’m gluten-free, so it was really easy for me to see which items I could order and not have to worry. The packaging was also clearly labeled with the exact ingredients, so I could clearly avoid anything I’m allergic to. With Feast & Fettle, having allergies and eating delicious food aren’t mutually exclusive.

It’s fresh and prepared locally

As a gardener, eating fresh ingredients is my number one priority. Although I can’t grow everything needed for my meals, eating clean, fresh ingredients is still key. So, I love that Feast & Fettle uses fresh, and local ingredients whenever possible. Sure, there are plenty of other meal delivery options out there, but they are usually from other parts of the country and require you to prep and cook your food. Instead, I can support my local economy in a sustainable way, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

My Life After Feast & Fettle

Feast & Fettle is a game changer–especially for busy parents. I feel like I’m striking the ideal balance between food that’s both delicious and healthy, and everyone in the family is happy at dinnertime (even my picky kids). Now, I have more “me time”, and I’m way less stressed than I used to be.