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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Favorite Mother’s Day Gift

Amy Levere
ByAmy LevereOct 4, 2022


Of the many interests and traits I share with my daughter (hello, ice cream and clothes), none has strengthened our bond more than our mutual love of fitness. From her early days horseback riding (a sport I also loved growing up) to our Sunday mornings at Flywheel, working out together has been one of the keys to our strong relationship. I find that conversation flows more freely after a shared workout, and that’s more true that ever with our most recent workout obsession: lululemon Studio.

My daughter bought the lululemon Studio Mirror for her apartment during lockdown and it has been a game-changer. We have used it together a number of times, and I’ve even snuck in to use it on my own when she’s at work or with friends. I love having all of my favorite boutique fitness classes at my fingertips.  

In addition to our usual cardio workouts, we’ve taken several barre classes, which I’ve found challenging and enjoyable (if you call having your muscles burn and legs quake enjoyable, that is). lululemon Studio provides injury modifications for all its exercises, or advancements for my much younger, fitness-obsessed daughter. Since we each use different weights, it’s easy to do the same workout. I’m definitely more motivated and willing to push through the hardest parts of my class when I have someone to sweat with!

There’s also a few small things that I have grown to love about lululemon studio. For instance, I like how the class descriptions list every exercise so I know exactly what to expect in each workout. I also appreciate how during a class, The Mirror not only lets you know how much time is left in each exercise, but also what movement is next.

Best of all, it has given me a chance to bond with my daughter again. Having The lululemon Studio Mirror in her apartment allows us to bond over a sweaty workout, then have a delicious dinner together afterwards. It’s during those dinners that we both open up and share everything, much more than we do during our other meals together.

I soon won’t have this excuse to see my daughter, though, as my kids are getting me MY OWN lululemon Studio Mirror for Mother’s Day. I’ll now be able to work out virtually with my daughter and, who knows, maybe I’ll even get my sons into it. It’ll definitely be the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received!


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