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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Expectations vs. My Reality When I Switched My Go-To Razor Brand

Danya Slover
ByDanya SloverOct 14, 2022In Partnership With Flamingo

I don’t know about you, but I’d guess that most women don’t look forward to shaving their legs. For me, shaving was always a chore that I’d get around to once a month, after I realized that my legs were starting to resemble Chewbacca. “Ok, I’ll shave next time I shower,” I tell myself, knowing that I can’t hide my hairy legs much longer before my five-year-old calls me out by asking loudly, "Why are your legs so hairy? They look like daddy's." Yep, safe to say it’s time for mom to indulge in a little shaving self-care.

I had heard of Flamingo razors before, but was admittedly skeptical. I mean, what makes this razor any different from all of the other razors I've tried in the past 20 years? Touting qualities like an ergonomic, weighted handle and stainless-steel blades, I figured I ought to try it out for myself. Now, letting my legs, underarms, and bikini line go full hippie mode is a thing of the past since I've met my new self-care sidekick, Flamingo. Intrigued? Read on.

An unbeatable, customizable razor for women…

Flamingo is Harry's answer to the need for a made-for-women razor that's not only high-performance, but mission-focused: Flamingo donates 1% of sales to nonprofits that work to help women build positive relationships with themselves, which I love.

Another distinguishing feature includes the ability to personalize your razor. Flamingo razors allow you to express your individuality as they come in four colors (lilac, sage, rose, papaya), or you can choose a sleek chrome handle for just $2 more. With the chrome option, you can even engrave your razor with your initials! How fun is that?!

Not only are Flamingo razors customizable, the five stainless steel blades are bordered by a 360-degree aloe and shea butter-infused Comfort System for an ultra-smooth shave. The flexible hinge and weighted handle makes those hard-to-reach areas a breeze (no more dropping your razor mid-shave in the shower!), and I appreciate that the handle is made of 35% recycled plastic. Oh, and did I mention that Flamingo won a 2022 Best Of Beauty Award? Yep, it's that good.

…At an incredible price

With all this awesomeness, you'd think this razor would be at least $20, right? Well, lucky for us, Flamingo wants their products to be easily accessible, with no sticker shock attached. A Starter Set with one reusable razor handle and one refill blade costs just $9 (or get the Starter Set plus an additional refill blade, shower holder, and a 1oz. Foaming Shave Gel for just $5 when you sign up for a subscription!). Additional cartridges are priced from $2 each, half of what you'd normally pay for other brands.

I highly recommend the subscription option as you'll get the lowest prices on all your fave Flamingo products, such as the dreamy Foaming Shave Gel, and never be without your beloved shaving companion. (Really, who wants to borrow their SO's crusty hair-clogged razor?).

My Verdict

Since discovering Flamingo, I've bid adieu to my old go-to razor brand and haven't looked back. My legs are the smoothest they've ever been, my bank account is happier, and I don't have to stick little bits of toilet paper to the nicks I'd get from using my previous razor.

Ready to up your self-care game and actually enjoy shaving? Click this link to grab your fave Flamingo now!