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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Dog’s Finally A Member of the Clean Bowl Club – Here’s Why

Annabel Cowen
ByAnnabel CowenOct 31, 2023In Partnership With The Farmer's Dog

As a dog mom, I am constantly striving to find the best products for my doxie, Ruby, but meal times have always been a real struggle for us.

No matter what I did, I just couldn't seem to get my dog excited about her food. I tried various brands, different flavors, and even resorted to hand feeding, but nothing worked long-term.

That's when I learned about The Farmer's Dog, and it changed everything.

Human-Grade Ingredients Made Fresh And Developed by Veterinarians 🩺

I was initially drawn to The Farmer's Dog because of its fresh and nutritious meals that are packed with human-grade ingredients. As someone who cares deeply about the health and well-being of my dog, I was happy to learn that the food is vet developed.

The Farmer’s Dog provides a convenient and fresh pet food service that is nutritionally complete, balanced for dogs, and made from the same stuff (including veggies!) you’d put on your own plate.

The fact that the food is human-grade and made without preservatives was a huge plus for me. It gives me peace of mind knowing that Ruby is getting the highest quality of ingredients delivered within days of cooking.

I also appreciate the flexible and convenient shipping plans, making it easy to incorporate The Farmer's Dog into our daily routine.

High Quality Food that Dogs Actually Love ❤️

The real test came during meal time. To my surprise, Ruby could smell The Farmer’s Dog from the other room - she started barking and came running over to me with excitement. She licked the bowl clean and eagerly awaited her next meal.

It was like Ruby had finally found her dream food! The change in her demeanor at meal time is remarkable. She is excited, happy, and has a newfound energy for eating.

One Healthy, Happy Pup 🐾

After a few weeks of eating The Farmer’s Dog exclusively (we adjusted her away from her previous food slowly), Ruby is noticeably more energetic, her coat is much shinier, and she seems a lot more satisfied overall.

And a bonus I did not expect: she smells way better. No more doggie smell on my couch!

Ruby’s Conclusion ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Our journey with The Farmer's Dog has been nothing short of amazing. From struggling to get Ruby to eat, to now having her lick her bowl clean every meal, it's clear that their brand is a real win for my dog.

The fresh and healthy meals made with human-grade ingredients are not only convenient, but packed with the nutrients that dogs need to thrive. I would highly recommend The Farmer's Dog to any pet parent who wants to see their furry friend at their happiest and healthiest.