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My Dog’s Diet Changed His Life.

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsDec 29, 2022In Partnership With Nom Nom

The first “off” thing I noticed about my puppy, Bruno, was his lack of energy. We all know how puppies are–they’re exploratory, friendly, and oftentimes, they’re bouncing off the walls. I thought it was pretty strange how Bruno stopped greeting me at the door or actively playing soon after I got him, but I thought I was doing everything right as a doting pet parent, so I didn’t think much of it.

That was until Bruno started to develop random sicknesses, injuries, and physical ailments that had me and him in and out of the vet a few too many times. Eventually, my vet figured out the root cause: his diet. So you don’t make the same mistake I did, here’s how you can divert a potentially dangerous situation with your furry friend.

The cause…

When my vet figured out that Bruno’s diet was majorly affecting his health, I was genuinely shocked. He was in great shape and didn’t have any preexisting conditions; plus, I wasn’t feeding him anything out of the ordinary.

But it makes sense when you think about it: puppies in particular need higher levels of protein, calcium, fat, and phosphorus than mature dogs do, so setting them up for success with nutritious food when they’re young is of the utmost importance. The lack of nutrients over time were directly linked to Bruno’s sicknesses, general malaise, and an unhealthy digestive system. My vet also told me that his unbalanced diet was leading to progressive weight gain, which then causes joint problems and diabetes.

I couldn’t stand the thought of healthy Bruno not living his best life–which is exactly why I started to feed him Nom Nom’s fresh dog food.

... & the fix

Nom Nom’s food is hands-down the gold standard for dog food on the market today and is recommended by leading veterinarians and doctors as the “healthiest and freshest dog food out there.”

The first main ingredients of all of Nom Nom’s dog food are all whole foods, so your dog is eating as well as you are (honestly, maybe even better). For example, Nom Nom’s Beef Mash cites ground beef, russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, and peas as the main players, while the Pork Potluck features ground pork, russet potatoes, green beans, squash, kale, and cremini mushrooms. How’s that for a balanced diet? It’s no surprise that Bruno absolutely gobbles it down at mealtime.

Because these types of ingredients are the same ones that fuel a human’s day-to-day, you can best believe they have a huge impact on your canine pal, too. Nom Nom’s food has high levels of essential vitamins & minerals like protein, fat, calcium, and phosphorus, so they grow up happy and healthy (as they should).

After about 1-2 months of Bruno eating Nom Nom food exclusively, the slew of health issues that were attributable to his former diet went away. Bruno finally had the energy and the stamina to play fetch with me for hours, and he was definitely more gregarious than he was previously–he’d even started hopping up on the couch with me again!

In addition to his new-and-improved stamina and energy, Bruno’s stools are easier to pick up, his coat is a lot shinier, his breath is better, and he just seems so much happier. In addition, he slimmed down and seems a lot more agile than he used to be.

What are you waiting for?

In my quest to find dog food that was made with whole-food ingredients and alleviated my dog’s ailments, Nom Nom was pretty much a no brainer.

I’d highly recommend checking out Nom Nom and signing up to save 50% on your first order - they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If your pup isn’t loving their new food or feeling the benefits in 30 days, you can send it back and get a full refund!

Shop Nom Nom here and thank me later.