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My Subscription Addiction

This Fresh Dog Food Transformed My Dog’s Health

Michelle Repak
ByMichelle RepakSep 7, 2022In Partnership With Nom Nom

I first welcomed Olive, a small Brussels Griffon pup, into my home a few years ago. Sure, we have a ton of fun trotting around the city together, trying on clothes (Olive loves her pink tutu), and taking afternoon naps—but there have been challenges. Lately she’s been experiencing a number of health issues that have really impacted her quality of life. I was ready to drop hundreds on specialist vets when a friend suggested I try changing her diet first. She recommended Nom Nom, a fresh dog food boasting whole ingredients. The next day, I signed up. And you know what? After we switched, everything changed. These are the four areas of Olive’s health that improved after switching to fresh dog food.

1. Weight Loss & Improved Energy

I thought I’d been feeding Olive nutritious and delicious food. (That’s certainly what was advertised.) While she clearly loved the taste, I now realize she was overfed and under-nourished. I noticed she became more sedentary and sometimes even short of breath. After switching foods, we got back on track. Nom Nom helped me identify a meal plan that was right for Olive, based on her ideal weight, age, and activity level. All meals are developed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists. And they come perfectly portioned and individually packaged so I never have to guess how much to feed her. Olive has more energy now, and she’s lost 3 pounds, which on her 12 pound frame is a lot!

2. Less Paw Licking

Olive used to sit in her bed and lick, lick, lick her paw. It was like she was obsessed. I Googled why and learned it could actually be a sign of food allergies! The fact that it stopped after I switched her to Nom Nom means Olive was likely allergic to something in her previous food—probably one of the unpronounceable ingredients printed on the side of the bag. With Nom Nom I feel better feeding Olive real, whole food with ingredients I can pronounce….and actually see and identify in the bowl!

3. No More Stinky Dog “Syndrome”

I’m going to let one of Olive’s secrets out of the bag: she was a stinky little thing (I’m talking bad breath AND flatulence). Ugh!  But after switching to Nom Nom, I noticed improvement in just a few weeks. Did you know that certain foods can cause bacterial growth in a pup’s stomach, which can lead to bad breath and excess gas? Choosing high-quality meals that are clean and avoid fillers can help.. Take a look at each recipe’s ingredients and you can see Nom Nom fits the bill.

4. Improved Digestion

I used to half-joke that Olive could sometimes get possessed. In the blink of an eye, a switch would seemingly flick in her fuzzy little head and she’d go wonkadoodle: like the time she ate an entire pair of fuzzy slippers, and the three weeks she decided that hiding under the sofa was her #1 priority. But what I once thought were quirks, I now recognize as something more serious— likely signs of stomach pain or discomfort caused by that allergy to her old food. Since switching to Nom Nom, Olive is far more even keeled, and I hate thinking that I was scolding or laughing at her when she was in genuine distress.

The Takeaway

Is your dog experiencing any of these signs? It may be their food! After switching to Nom Nom, I saw significant changes in behavior, weight, and gut health for little Olive. And according to customer reviews, even healthy dogs can see improvements in energy, weight, shedding and more! The food actually looks like food (not pureed mush), and she gobbles it down with glee. I like that it’s made with whole ingredients and without chemicals, but–best of all–I love how it’s transformed Olive’s life.