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Meet Your New Favorite Pants

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereNov 1, 2022In Partnership With Honeylove

If you’re anything like me, you’ve downsized your wardrobe these last few years. You’re going out less, staying in more. Besides, no other pants fit you as well as the sweatpants you’ve worn everyday for the last two years. All your other pants are ill-fitting or give you the dreaded muffin top.. But you can’t wear your sweats all the time, so you need something that can pick up the slack (pun intended).

Luckily, Honeylove has you covered with their EverReady Pant.

I discovered Honeylove last year when I was shopping around for a versatile pant to get me through work and the holidays.  The minute they arrived in the mail, I wore them everywhere! These pants give me all the comfort of my worn-out sweatpants, only I can actually wear these in public without worrying what people think.

There are so many details in these pants that put them way ahead of the competition: interior shaping panels sculpt and secure your lower belly, they accentuate my curves, and have a flexible waistband so there is zero chance of a muffin top. The tweed ponte fabric ensures everything is smooth and looks good with no lines showing through.

But most of all, the EverReady Pants are versatile. I used to have half a dozen pairs of slacks and jeans that I would cycle through for work, holidays, sometimes even weddings. This has eliminated the need for anything else. I’ve worn them with a blouse and sneakers, under an oversized sweater with boots, even dressed up with heels. I have them in every color – navy, gray, and of course black – and I’ve been able to dress them all up or down any given day.

Plus, I look good in them. The design is sleek and cute. They’re closer to leggings than most of my pants, only they’re more durable and made from higher quality materials. I’ve worn and washed these countless times and they haven’t lost their shape or hue. They might actually last forever.

It’s been a year now and I can safely say that Honeylove’s EverReady Pant is my favorite pant. It matches everything in my closet without needing a million different items. I wear them practically every day and every time the fit is immaculate. They are my go-to pants for this holiday season. You’re going to have to hurry though: these pants sell out fast every winter. Get them while you still can.