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My Subscription Addiction

Meet Function of Beauty, the Company Changing the Hair Care Industry

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereJan 18, 2022

Function of Beauty
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For years, I was always content going to the drugstore and buying the same shampoo and conditioner, time and time again. I honestly didn’t think much about what I was putting in my hair, as long as it was clean and felt soft. One day I was speaking with a friend (whose hair I love), and the topic turned to hair care. She told me she uses Function of Beauty, a brand that uses clean ingredients and makes custom products based on your hair needs. I researched the brand a little, made a purchase, and loved it immediately. My hair has never felt softer and my frizz is under control (even on rainy New York days). Function of Beauty is truly changing the game in hair care. Let’s break down what they are doing:

  • Customization
  • Sulfate and paraben free shampoo & conditioner
  • Vegan and cruelty free products
  • Subscription

The biggest difference between Function of Beauty and your standard hair products is the customization aspect. You’ll start your Function of Beauty experience by taking a quick (and easy) quiz that asks you about your hair type and goals. Do you want deep conditioning? How about fixing split ends? Maybe some frizz control? No need to pick just one; like with your standard shampoo and conditioner, you can select up to five goals. I know people that have multiple shampoos and conditioners to choose from based on their hair needs for that day, and you can kiss this goodbye with Function of Beauty. You can customize down to color, scent (and strength!), and even decide the name that gets affixed to your bottle. In the mood for blue shampoo and yellow conditioner with a peach scent? Go for it! 

Function of Beauty is also changing the game with the ingredients they use. I personally pay attention to the ingredients I eat or put on my skin, but never thought to do the same with the products I was putting on my hair. Most shampoos and conditioners have ingredients called parabens and sulfates, which I learned are harmful chemicals that can lead to allergic reactions or redness and irritation, and strip color and keratin treatments prematurely. I just started coloring my hair, so after discovering this, I knew I wanted to make the switch to a sulfate and paraben free shampoo. Luckily, Function of Beauty accomplishes this goal. Function of Beauty uses more than 60 natural ingredients in their custom formulations, so you know your hair will be healthy and happy.

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As an animal lover, I was happy to learn that Function of Beauty products are both vegan and cruelty-free. What does vegan mean for a beauty product? Great question! This means that traditional animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, honey, collagen, lanolin, and gelatin are not used. Cruelty-free means that this product has not been tested on animals. Seems pretty easy to be cruelty-free, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Animal testing is fairly normal for most beauty companies that sell products in-store worldwide; it’s actually mandatory in China to perform animal testing on all cosmetic products that enter the country, which is why these brands are not considered cruelty-free. 

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Ever jump in the shower only to realize you’re out of shampoo and forgot to pick more up? You can forget about this with Function of Beauty by signing up for a subscription. Products will be delivered on your own schedule, ranging from monthly to once every six months. You can change your formula every time, including color and scent, based on your changing hair needs, so you’re not locked into your original choices. Plus, subscribers get discounts on every purchase made, so you can save time and money! 

Try out Function of Beauty yourself and get 20% off your first large hair set, making it $39.99 for the shampoo and conditioner together!

Check out our Function of Beauty brand page to learn more.

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Function of Beauty is the world leader in customizable beauty, with hair, skin, and body care products made for you (and only you). Each product is individually formulated using the latest science and technology to help ensure that your formulas are every bit as unique as you are. With literally ... read more.

Caroline Levere
Caroline Levere

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