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My Subscription Addiction

MDhair vs. Nutrafol: Which Helps Grow the Thickest, Fullest Hair?

Mary Dee
ByMary DeeSep 16, 2022Sponsored

I’m genetically prone to thinning hair… on both sides of my family. (Lucky me, right?) It’s gotten worse since I turned 30 – this past year has seen me experience extreme hair loss and breakage. Anyone who struggles with hair loss understands the frustration and despair of seeing clumps of their hair flowing down the shower drain or pulling them out of their hair brushes.

I've tried two of the most popular hair regrowth treatments on the market: MDhair and Nutrafol. Want to know which one worked better for me and which I recommend?

If you want a full hair care routine plus supplements...MDhair

MDhair’s flagship offering is their customized treatment kit that tackles hair loss through nutraceuticals, but also topically with FDA-approved anti-hair loss medications and clinically effective botanicals. Each Custom Hair Regrowth Treatment Kit includes a customized Scalp Serum, Restore Shampoo, Restore Conditioner, Wellness Supplements, Collagen, and unlimited dermatologist support.

Nutrafol’s flagship offering is their supplements subscription. My bottle of Nutrafol Women supplements is physician-formulated with medical-grade, natural ingredients to target root causes of thinning hair such as stress, lifestyle, and nutrition.

If you want the most affordable options...MDhair

A monthly supply of Nutrafol supplements will set you back $88 or a discounted $79 with a subscription. The directions recommend using the product consistently with a minimum of 3-6 months for best results. Even at the discounted rate, this can be a rather pricey investment for supplements.

Apples to apples, the MDhair Hair Wellness Restore Supplements are $42 for a one-month supply, which is still a more affordable option than Nutrafol. However, bundles that can also include the Growth Serum, Restore Shampoo and Conditioner on a subscription basis start at $29/month, making it an even better deal. As a bonus, you are receiving a complete hair care routine in addition to supplements.

If you want a treatment customized to your needs...MDhair

To create my MDhair Trial Kit, I first started by taking a hair quiz online. The quiz asked my age, hair goals, natural hair texture, shampoo frequency, health, and diet. What was most interesting is that they requested a clear photo of my scalp to identify my level of hair loss. I appreciate the level of attention to detail. MDhair tackles hair loss through multiple fronts: a topical serum solution for your scalp, a medicated shampoo for your hair shaft, and nutraceuticals to nurture the hair from the inside. By taking a detailed hair quiz and providing photos, you are getting a customized formula to suit your personal needs.

Although Nutrafol offers a high-quality hair growth supplement, it’s a one-size-fits-all product, which offers no room for customization. It will either work for you or not.

If you want the most flexibility...it's a tie

Both brands offer their products on a subscription basis with the flexibility to adjust or cancel your plan at any time.

If you want medical support...MDhair

With your MDhair subscription, you also receive unlimited access to a team of dermatologists and nurses, available 24/7 to provide support and advice to help achieve your hair goals. There is a Hair Tracker function on your account where you can regularly upload pictures of your scalp. Their medical team will monitor your progress and fine-tune your product formulations to ensure optimal results. This is probably my favorite feature and biggest advantage in choosing MDhair .

Nutrafol doesn’t offer this service.

The ultimate winner...MDhair

Hair loss is such a personal issue for each individual and hair regrowth results will vary. Which hair regrowth treatment should you choose? After comparing the value and scope of each brand’s flagship offering, I highly recommend giving MDhair a try!

Their Custom Hair Regrowth Treatment Trial Kit is such an affordable option to test their products before you invest. Good luck on your hair journey!

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