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Maude vs. Dame: Here’s Our Clear Choice

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Oct 10, 2022Sponsored

My husband and I just had our 11-year anniversary. While I am still a little confused about how exactly that happened, our relationship has been a pretty incredible journey. Most couples know how things start out hot and heavy in the beginning stages of any relationship. And eventually, those feelings, however exciting, give way to something more comfortable. And while I love the routine and familiarity of our relationship (both emotionally and physically) sometimes you want to liven it up a little, you know?

Part of being in a good relationship is knowing your partner. And mine? Well, he can be a little vanilla. And while he is capable of being adventurous, he tends to dislike those overtly “sexy” things that you might think of when you think of intimacy essentials and accessories. And honestly? I get it. Hot pink essentials and cupcake-flavored lubricants aren’t for everyone. So what is a couple to do when they want to experiment but keep it chic? Well, I narrowed this task down to two brands: Maude and Dame. Both have impressive offerings, but here is how I chose the right brand for us.

Most Approachable and Stylish: Maude

I spoke earlier about how visually loud and sometimes tacky sexy accessories can be. And I knew that for myself and my guy, we would prefer a brand that was a little more, well, subtle. And preferably not shaped like actual body parts.

I found that Maude had a modern and approachable look for both the novice and the expert. The packaging is discreet, and the products look more like minimalist sculptures than intimacy essentials. While my husband isn’t one for shopping for the types of items offered from either of these brands, I noticed he was much more comfortable browsing the Maude site. I think it was a combination of the earthy and warm vibes of the site and how simple the products are. Maude is designed to be clean and modern, and that is exactly the sort of brand we are both really drawn to. On the Dame site, I could tell he felt much more out of his element.

Most Variety: Dame

One distinct difference between these two brands is the variety. Maude has four core options: the new Spot wand, the Cone, their original Vibe, and the mini Drop. All come in shades of grey, charcoal, and dark green. For our bedroom preferences, this group covers anything we could want, but if you need a little more variety and are looking for different types of stimulation, Dame has twice as many offerings in a brighter color palette. I think if I was a single woman, I would be perusing these more adventurous shapes, but they are a big jump for my husband.

Most Reasonably Priced: Maude

While Maude might have less variety, the pricing is significantly less than Dame. Maude’s essentials range from around $49-$79, which is a highly accessible price point. Alternatively, Dame’s price range is broader, coming in between $30-$135, with most options hovering around $100 or so.

Most Well-Rounded: Maude

My favorite thing about Maude is the variety of products offered. There are intimacy essentials, bath and body products, condoms, supplements, and the most amazing candles you will ever burn. Since Maude is all about modern sexual wellness, these different products make a lot of sense. Who wouldn’t want to prepare for a romantic night in with a luxurious bath and a candle that doubles as a massage oil? Getting into the mood mentally is just as important as the act itself and the scents and formulas Maude offers are pretty darn sexy.

The Maude lubricant is another highlight I have to mention. It arrives in a bottle subtle enough to leave out at your bedside and the formula works perfectly, while also being healthy for your most sensitive parts. The supplements, likewise, come in sophisticated, unfussy packaging–another item that could be left out without a second thought. If you are looking for a complete sexual wellness brand, Maude is your best bet.

Our Pick: Maude

Maude is the clear winner for us. The brand is obviously designed to be inclusive and feels natural, inviting, and warm. Which is exactly how we already live. The wide variety of product types makes it feel much more like a well-rounded and beautiful experience than what we found with Dame. I am really impressed with how Maude has created a very modern and multi-faceted sexual wellness experience that is a great fit for literally anyone.