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My Subscription Addiction

MANSSION vs. Other Men’s Jewelry Brands: See Who Wins

Enrique Aguilar
ByEnrique AguilarOct 12, 2022Sponsored

As a fashion content creator, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my outfits. Finding new accessories, particularly men’s jewelry pieces that go with my aesthetic, can be challenging. In my quest to find accessories that subtly upgrade my style without being overpowering, I found MANSSION through their Instagram. Their premium jewelry completely overshadows other brands I’ve tried–here’s why MANSSION stands apart from the rest.

If you’re looking for versatility…MANSSION

I like my accessories like I like my staple clothing pieces: versatile. I love the idea of having one piece, like my MANSSION Silver Cuban Chain, that pairs perfectly with almost everything in my closet. Accessories that I can pair with casual and dressy outfits make much more sense to me than only going for pieces that can be worn with specific clothes! I’ve found that other brands don’t have the same quality-to-price ratio I can expect from MANSSION, and overall, other men’s jewelry pieces just don’t go with as many of my clothes.

If you want high-quality pieces for all-day wear…MANSSION

I’m in San Diego, which means I’m always outdoors! I need pieces that can easily go from day-to-night, indoors to outdoors, from the mall to the beach, and more. All MANSSION pieces are water and sweat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the quality fading. Even the leather bracelets are ultra-durable and feature high-quality materials that can handle whatever my plans are.

I’ve noticed that other brands don’t have the same durability–other jewelry pieces aren’t water or sweat-resistant, or even waterproof like some of MANSSION’s pieces are. Personally, I feel like brands choose to focus on the trendy without considering the importance of longevity.

If you’re seeking earrings and rings…Others

MANSSION has pieces with great versatility that you can dress up and down with ease. However, if you like to get earrings, rings, pendants, and more, you might want to look elsewhere. MANSSION focuses on what they know best: bracelets and necklaces! However, they’re now also selling sunglasses chains, which I’m really excited about. They’re also teasing a ton of new product drops, so many of these might just be available soon…

If you want professionally styled stacks…MANSSION

I love playing around with my jewelry to see what pairs best–and sometimes it’s easier said than done! MANSSION sells pre-styled bracelet stacks that can be worn together or separately. Not only does this save you money, but it takes the guesswork out of wondering what goes well together. If you want to mix it up, the bracelets in each stack can be worn individually!

I think MANSSION is leagues ahead of other brands in this aspect–MANSSION’s eye for curating cool stacks is something that other brands don’t do, so you’re left wondering what goes well together.

If you’re looking for bling…Others

MANSSION is not like other men’s jewelry brands–you won’t find bling, diamonds, or ultra-shiny accessories here. I believe their style is more in line with “sophisticated edginess.” MANSSION pieces have just enough intricate designs to set yourself apart without being over the top. MANSSION truly makes staple pieces that won’t go out of style, and is jewelry you can wear for years to come.

My Winner Is… MANSSION

I love that with MANSSION, I can find high-quality and sophisticated pieces that really go well with my style. From the premium metal finishes on their chains to the stylish bracelet stacks, I have a collection of accessories that go well with so many outfits and occasions. I’m all about setting myself apart by creating an aesthetic that expresses my style and personality. Through MANSSION, I've been able to achieve just that!