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My Subscription Addiction

Lovevery vs. Those Other Toys

Dariana Fleming
ByDariana FlemingOct 19, 2022Sponsored

When I’m packing lunches in the morning, I need my daughters to start their day with device-free play. When comparing Lovevery’s wooden toys to, well, basically any other toy, I just can’t get over how beautiful, educational, and eco-friendly they are. My current point of view is Lovevery Play Kits vs. the world, and in just about every scenario, Lovevery wins. Could these expert-backed Play Kits work for your family, too?

If you want your kids to learn through play… Lovevery

Lovevery makes Play Kits that are designed by researchers and academics, so each kit can be trusted to support your child’s brain development. The Play Kits are designed for toddlers anywhere from 0 months-4 years old, and contain innovative toys like the Slide & Seek Ball and a  crinkle bag for interactive play.

My 4-year-old daughter can’t get enough of her Lockbox toy from the Realist Play Kit, and I’ve been amazed watching her help her 2-year-old little sister with the kinetic sand.

If you need a thoughtful age-appropriate gift… Lovevery

If you have a niece or nephew, a grandchild, or a friend’s kid who you want to treat but aren’t sure how, leave it to the experts who came up with Lovevery’s age-driven Play Kits. Each box has 6+ beautiful toys in it, and the parents will be just as pumped as the kids to receive it: each parent will receive an explanatory play guide.

If your kid is obsessed with a specific character… Head to the toy store

If one superhero or princess is all your kid can talk about, I’ve been there. But while an action figure, crown, or wand might be just what your child wants to geek out over their current favorite movie or show, it likely won’t enhance their motor skills like the Silicone Rattle with Removable Ball does for babies or the Transfer Tweezers & Felt Stars does for toddlers.

If you want toys to look nice in your living room… Lovevery

If you have kids, your home is going to look like you have kids, period. But if their toys can look great in my living room, everyone wins! Lovevery’s Play Kits are made up of quality books and wooden pieces, and accented with appealing colors. Plus, they’re made from sustainable, organic, natural materials that are also good for the planet. The Quilted Critter Pockets toy is one I’m especially proud to have on display in my living room.

My Winner Is… Lovevery

My daughters are lovingly spoiled, but never did I imagine how much they’d connect with the charming and educational toys from Lovevery. At $80 for the first year kit and $120 per kit afterwards, Lovevery may seem a little pricey to some parents, but knowing these toys support my kids’ brain development, look beautiful, are sustainable, and arrive at my doorstep—saving me a battle in the toy department—make the price tag worth it for me.