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Lovevery vs. Melissa & Doug vs. Fisher-Price: Which Toy Brand Is Best?

Brittani Krebbs
ByBrittani KrebbsNov 29, 2022Sponsored

As a mom, I have opinions. We all know that Lovevery, Melissa & Doug, and Fisher-Price are some of the most popular kids toys brands on the market and they each have something different they bring to the kid's table. But, I'm here to let you know which is our favorite and personally speaking, the best!

If you’re looking for quality…Lovevery

Right off the bat, Lovevery and Melissa & Doug take the lead with this one. The quality and durability of the Fisher-Price toys are okay, and, my main concern with Fisher-Price is the cheap plastic (also the chemicals). Both Lovevery and Melissa & Doug value the durability, quality, and sustainability of their products by specifically creating wooden toys. This means long-lasting products for generations!

If you’re looking for kid-approved…Lovevery

baby playing on mat with development toys

Out of all her toys, I know that the Lovevery toys challenge my daughter the most. I think that’s why she gravitates toward them and they keep her engaged the longest with their open-ended play possibilities. She wanted me to take a picture of her with this book because these are also her favorite! “Bedtime for Zoe" was also so incredibly helpful with getting my daughter to love bathtime, getting through fears of pouring water on her head, her getting excited about independently zipping her pjs and laying down for a story before bed.

If you’re looking for Montessori-inspired…Lovevery

Why should you care if a toy is "Montessori inspired"? In short, the Montessori Method honors and supports your child's growing and developing mind. It teaches problem-solving skills, concentration, and independence through each interaction with the toy. This is again where Fisher-Price falls short. A majority of their toys are more "stimulating" inspired than they are Montessori. Their toys include multiple buttons, bright lights, and loud noises. On the other hand, both Lovevery and Melissa & Doug create products that honor the growing mind with simple yet challenging toys.

If you’re looking for stage-based learning…Lovevery

Here's where Lovevery takes the ultimate lead! While Fisher-Price and Melissa & Doug group their toys by 6- and 12- month ranges, Lovevery provides 2-month stage-based categories for the first year, then 3-month stages for years 2-4. Why does this smaller age range matter? As parents, we all know that even a few weeks of development can make such a difference! But narrowing development down to 2 months, your child is able to have toys that support learning the right skills at the right time. Backed by expert research, you can spend less time researching what your child will like and more time engaging and connecting with your child through play!

If you’re looking for most affordable…Fisher-Price

While Fisher-Price has the lowest price points, followed by Melissa & Doug, Lovevery is moderately priced for a toy subscription. Beyond the cost-per-item breakdown, Lovevery toys are built to last and can be played with in new ways for years to come and passed down. But there’s no getting around the higher initial investment. The Lovevery Play Kits cost $80 per kit for 0-12 month olds and $120 per kit for 13-48 month olds. However, a subscription to Lovevery also includes a play guide with every Play Kit that explains what your child is going through at every stage, as well as access to the Lovevery app, which includes the ability to interact 1:1 with certified child development experts who can help with sleep, feeding, behavior, development, and any other issues you are having from ages 0-12 months.


Overall, speaking for my daughter here, we love Lovevery and feel that it is 100% worth it. Each brand offers great things for different people. However, Lovevery makes toys every growing mind will enjoy, plus books that help talk through different emotional milestones. With Lovevery you don't have to do any research to find the right stuff. The subscription model with the play kits and all the included info and stage-based nature make it super easy and convenient for busy parents. 10/10 Recommend!

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