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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Little Spoon vs. Yumble: I Taste-Tested My Baby’s Food and These Are My Thoughts

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoOct 25, 2022


As the one who cooks in my house, I know and approve every ingredient that my kids eat. So when I feed them meals that weren’t cooked by me, you better believe I’m doing my research to ensure I can trust the source and take a sample taste before they dig their forks in! I want to serve my children food that’s wholesome and nutritious, but I also want it to actually taste good to them. If I wouldn’t eat it, how could I expect them to?

So I taste-tested Little Spoon and Yumble, two of the leading kids’ meal subscriptions, to find which one I will be sticking with:

The one that I’m happy to finish…Little Spoon

Even if it’s something they’ve enjoyed countless times, sometimes your kid simply won’t eat it. In the case of Little Spoon, I’m more than happy to finish the food. Just this week I polished off the rest of my daughter’s peas. I’ve also happily finished her parsnip-sauce orzo and kale pesto tortellini after she’s had her fill. Honestly, I would order any of these dishes if I saw them on the menu out on date night. But in this instance, they were delivered to my home and prepared in 1 minute in the microwave. Talk about convenience.

The one that really showcases its veggies…Little Spoon

Right off the bat, I liked how Little Spoon’s meals tend to include a vegetable, simply prepared. While hidden veggies is a perk of both subscriptions, tricking your kids into eating what you want them to can only take you so far; it’s exposure to nutritious foods that warms kids up to them.

Little Spoon’s Plates aren’t just “kid food” but they do all have an element that would appeal to just about any child. For example, classic broccoli is a side dish that can be found in a number of dishes: baked chicken nuggets with sweet potato tots, pasta with tiny meatballs, and dippable plant-based veggie tenders. Seasoned sweet potatoes are another recurring vegetable and something that my kids have eaten since they were babies. In a fajita chicken dish, quinoa is made festive with tiny-diced carrots and peppers.

The one that’s organic-focused with no additives and preservatives…It’s a tie!

Little Spoon and Yumble are both life-savers when the home chef of the house just needs to catch a break. Both offer clean, mostly organic food that’s free from additives and preservatives. The meat and eggs are antibiotic and hormone-free and humanely raised. The meals are balanced and portioned for kids up to age 8-12.

The one that’s less cheesy…Little Spoon

In my experience, Yumble leans too heavily on corn as the veggie and cheese sauces to make some healthier meals appetizing. But my biggest complaint is that they’re just. Too. Cheesy. Even my cheese fanatic kid is turned off by it. As the mom overseeing the meal, it seems like the volume of cheese tips these meals into a less healthy category. An example is how their Mac ‘n’ Trees meal is mac ‘n’ cheese served with broccoli…and the broccoli is also covered in cheese. It’s overwhelming.

The one that’s more affordable…Little Spoon

In a perfect world, the cost wouldn’t be a factor but having kids is expensive and when you can save time and money without sacrificing nutrition, then going with Little Spoon is an easy decision. See the chart below for a breakdown:

Number of Meals
Little Spoon Cost Per Meal
Yumble Cost Per Meal
4 per week
6 per week
8-9 per week
$5.50 (9/week)
$7.99 (8/week)
12 per week

The Ultimate Winner…Little Spoon

Now that I’ve tried both Little Spoon’s Plates and Yumble’s kids' meals, I can safely say I have a favorite: Little Spoon.

I love that their healthy, balanced meals are a combination of picky-eater-approved foods and straight-up vegetables in non-intimidating portions. I love that this subscription supports me on my busiest days by feeding my kids meals that are aligned with my family’s value of healthful eating. And I appreciate that any leftovers are totally appropriate for me to finish without feeling like I’m sabotaging my own diet.