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My Subscription Addiction

Little Spoon vs. Once Upon a Farm: Which is Right For You?

Lauren Harden
ByLauren HardenDec 15, 2022Sponsored

As a working mom, sometimes my dinner plans are left to the last minute for my family…which can be disastrous as far as nutrition for my toddler goes. While I can feed her my preferred dinner of cereal, it’s not exactly the healthiest thing for a growing body. I’ve seen a lot of really smart companies helping parents like me out with healthy and convenient food. Both Little Spoon and Once Upon a Farm offer organic and nutritious options, but which is best?

If you want to take the guesswork out of mealtime nutrition…Little Spoon

Having Little Spoon come directly to my door takes almost all the legwork out of offering my toddler healthy meals. I just pick a plan online and customize it to my liking. There’s so much variety that neither one of us ever tires of the options, and I love that there are options for all three meals plus snacks. The ingredients are all high-quality and junk-free; I recognize every ingredient on the labels. Once Upon a Farm’s smoothies and baby meal starters are also packed full of organic fruits and vegetables but they’re not enough to satisfy my toddler at mealtime.

If you’re looking for interesting flavors and variety…Little Spoon

With purees, smoothies, and toddler plates, Little Spoon has got me covered for all snacks and meals. There are hidden veggies in every toddler meal, making it easy to get my somewhat picky eater to gobble up high-quality choices packed with superfoods. In terms of flavors, Little Spoon has 45 different options for its Babyblends and they’re always coming out with new flavors and special holiday blends. Once Upon a Farm’s smoothies come in 24 flavors and their only other offering is the baby meals.

If you prefer something you can also buy from the grocery store…Once Upon a Farm

Sometimes you just need to grab stuff all in one go at the grocery store. I totally get it. And that’s where Once Upon a Farm wins out. There is a subscription option but the smoothies are also available in my local grocery store’s dairy aisle, which is extremely convenient if I’ve forgotten to plan ahead and have an empty fridge, or if my toddler is having a meltdown over getting a smoothie right that second.

If you need meals that are ready in no time…Little Spoon

With traffic coming home from school, our evenings can be unpredictable. Knowing I have a hot, fresh, and healthy meal ready in under 90 seconds for my toddler makes a huge difference in my mental health. The time I could have spent cooking can go back to focusing on quality time with my daughter instead. The Little Spoon plates are made fresh weekly and packed with a Freshlock Seal™ which is BPA and BPS-free. I can pop the plate directly into the microwave without dirtying another plate. The meals last up to 14 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer, which is more than I can say about most of the fresh ingredients I buy.

If you’re looking for something that will grow with your child…Little Spoon

While there’s a lot of focus out there on introducing healthy food to babies, I like that Little Spoon can also help you keep up with offering nutritious and delicious food to older ages. For baby-led weaning or toddlers, the Plates are a great option from the earliest days and up to 8 years old. Once Upon a Farm’s smoothies and meals are more geared towards babies, and while toddlers and kids can have their smoothies as a snack, I know my little one needed something more substantial for their meals shortly after their first birthday.

The Ultimate Winner… Little Spoon

For my lifestyle and season of life, Little Spoon makes a lot of sense. It’s convenient, healthy, fresh, and actually tastes good—I’ve never seen my toddler gobble up chicken nuggets so fast. It was actually amusing to see her eat them knowing they had hidden kale, cauliflower, and carrot, three foods she’d never eat independently. I felt like I had stumbled upon the greatest parenting hack of all time. Busy parents like me can use Little Spoon to outsource the constant headache of worrying about nutrition and get back time to spend with their kids.