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Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box Review: World Edition

Brandi D.
ByBrandi D.Jan 27, 2022 | 0 comments
Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box Review: World Edition

Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box Review: World Edition

Our review of the 6-day DIY summer camp experience

4/5 stars

Little Passports World Edition is a monthly subscription service from Little Passports geared towards ages 6-10 to teach them about the world. Since summer camp may not be an option this year, they decided to offer a DIY "Summer Camp in a Box" with 6 days worth of activities inside. I love that subscription boxes are coming up with new ways for parents to keep their kids occupied and entertained knowing their normal summer plans may have changed for numerous reasons!

Little Passports offers two different camp experiences: World Edition (ages 6-10) for $150.65 and Science Junior (ages 5-8) for $155.70. The World Edition includes an introductory kit complete with a camp schedule, a signature blue suitcase, chapter books, and a world map to use as little ones travel to five different countries and learn about the world through both pen-to-paper and hands-on activities.

About Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box

The Subscription Box: Little Passports Summer Camp in a Box: World Edition

The Cost: $150.65 + free shipping (currently on sale for $124.95)

The Products: A chapter book boxed set, signature blue suitcase, passport, and wall map along with collectibles and activities from 5 different countries. Plus, access to more information and activities online for further engagement!

Ships to: The U.S. for free, Canada for $3.95, New Zealand and Australia for $4.95

Billing Cycle: This box is a one-time purchase.

Good to Know: From Little Passports:

"Please note when purchasing Summer Camp in a Box and a World Edition subscription you will be enjoying the same packages twice."

Interested in the monthly box? Check out our past reviews here.

Pros & Cons

The Pros
  • It's fun and educational.
  • This "camp" is so flexible! Since each day is a new country, they don't build on one another so you can spread it out as much as you want.
  • The repetition of activities each day made it easy to facilitate our "camp" learning for me as a parent.
  • For children who thrive on structure, this camp can add some consistency and stability to their day.
  • Since everything you need is included inside the packages and the activities have detailed directions, I think that a caretaker would easily be able to fill in for you, or even do this with your child from Day 1.
  • It provides such a great starting point for introducing children to other cultures. You can easily supplement this with further reading and learning materials or even implement it into a homeschool program.
  • They provide so many online extras that I highly recommend incorporating into your day. If your child can use a computer, this could easily be an independent activity for them, too!
  • My kids had so much fun traveling to new countries and collecting souvenirs!
The Cons
  • Not every country had a hands-on activity to go along with it, but luckily there were plenty of extra activities online for us!
  • There are only enough materials for one child, although I was able to divide them up pretty evenly since my kids are younger. If your children are older, one box might not suffice!
Is It Worth It?
  • Yes, since my 2 kids were actively engaged and learning over the course of 6 days for less than it would cost me to send them to a day camp!
I'd Recommend This If
  • Your child enjoys learning about other countries and cultures in a fun way.
  • You want activities that are well organized and require very little planning.
  • You are looking for a way to keep your child entertained for a few days.
  • You are looking to keep some structure in your child's life over the summer.



How Does It Work?

You'll receive the camp contents all at once in a large box with each of the 6 camp days' activities separated into different packages which are clearly labeled. At the top of the box, we received some summer camp instructions on one side and a camp schedule on the back that you can follow each day and simply swap out the packages depending on which day of camp you're on. While it's great that they took the time to come up with a suggested schedule (with built-in meal times, a body break, and even some "bunk time" for nappers), this box also allows you the flexibility to follow your own schedule to better suit your needs if you choose!


Here, you can get a little overview of what's in each box!

The Chapter Books


Sam & Sofia's Scooter Stories - Retail Value $29.99

One of the items that you may use throughout the week is this boxed chapter book set. There are 3 chapter books enclosed which all relate to the adventures that we will be going on throughout the week. These books are pretty long, but it is easy to break them down and split them up between several days. While they aren't necessary to read as you complete each day, they can certainly enhance the experience and your child may enjoy having the background story as they travel the world with their new pen pals!


The books are in grayscale with a few illustrations throughout. There is a table of contents at the beginning and it is broken down into chapters, making it easy to spread the story out over multiple sessions if you wanted. At the back, there are some great bonus pages that are related to the story. This book included some Portuguese terms and phrases and even a recipe.


Each book visits a different country and in this book, they visit Japan.


In our final book, Sam & Sofia visit France.

Online Extras


There are a ton of online resources that are definitely worth checking out. They have an extended camp schedule that covers a full day, printable camp wristbands, a letter from camp prompt, and a fun nature scavenger hunt which I printed out because I know my kiddos will love it! There is even a certificate of completion you can print out for your camper on the last day. There are also activities specific to each day and I'll give you a closer look at those as we go through the daily activities.

Daily Camp Schedule

Day 1: The World


Each day is packaged separately which is not only exciting to your child, but it also makes it so easy to keep everything organized and focused! Day 1 came in a larger box with a little welcome letter at the top.

In this first box, we received a lot of items that will be used throughout the week. Let's check it out!


Inside of the box was this great little suitcase which will be perfect for keeping all of our materials in over the course of our camp week! It's made of a very sturdy cardboard material (I think?) and it has a nice handle on top with a metal closure. Inside there is a little area where you can write your name. This suitcase is pretty essential since we will be adding some flair to it each day!


We can't travel the world without a passport! This little passport has space at the front to write your name and draw your picture and then the next few pages give you space to write out some travel goals. The rest of the book is blank with sections where we can add our country stamps.


We had a great family discussion about where we would like to travel and what types of things we'd like to do and see. My daughter filled out our passport for us. Yes, we know Africa is not a country, but my 4-year-old would be happy to travel anywhere in Africa that has animals so we didn't make him get too specific! This would be a great time to do a little overview of the difference though, which is exactly what we did!


The next item that will be helpful throughout the week is this large, thick, colorful world map. In fact, it was a great way to show continents versus countries! It is very detailed and I appreciate the large size which makes it a great teaching resource to hang on the wall.


The last item which we will be re-using throughout the week is this coin collection board. There are little slots where we can put the coins for each of the countries we visit and display them.


We received this letter from our pen pals Sam & Sofia which is addressed to the World Explorer. This envelope unfolds to show the letter, some photos of places Sam & Sofia hope to travel, and their packing lists. It's a great introduction to the box or the country that we visit each month.


We received this color photo postcard with a few amazing sights pictured on the front with some descriptions of them on the back.


This set of stickers can be used to decorate our suitcase and it shows some of the amazing sights that Sam & Sofia would love to see during their travel.


Since we are traveling to so many places, we will need a boarding pass. This little tag also has a link to the online activities that we can check out during camp!

We went ahead and added this boarding pass and some of our stickers to our suitcase.


Our first coin for our collection is our World coin. This came inside of a package which made it exciting to open!


Our coin is made of lightweight metal and it came with a little card introducing our coin. My daughter was eager to add it to our coin collection board.


Each day there are some pen-to-paper activities. This worldwide activities page was a lot of fun! My son was too young for most of it, but my daughter could complete it with minimal assistance from me.


The first page displayed flags from all over the world and had us find as many as we could in the picture. My son was able to search for them and circle them for us to count. The total number of flags would tell us how Sam & Sofia's age.


They worked together on the next page which was a map of animals around the world that we had to label based on the descriptions they provided. I would read each description which was labeled with a letter, then my son would point to the continent based on what I read, and my daughter would write in the corresponding letter for us. The kids loved learning about the animals and it kept them engaged as they navigated the map and identified the continents.


My daughter completed the next section with a little bit of help from me. There were various foods from around the world pictured and we had to find them based on the description they gave and then write the name under the description. This was a fun way to learn about different foods. The last page contained three different mazes to landmarks around the world. She enjoyed this activity as well!


Our souvenir for this day was this set of creatures. There is a cute little turtle, hippo, and fish with an accompanying card that gives a few animal facts. These are squishy, rubbery toys that my kiddos loved!


They were both excited to see them in our suitcase and to play with them!

Once we had gone through everything, we got started reading our first book! That was it for the box portion of our first day of camp. It was a nice little introductory box, but there wasn't much to it. We were able to extend the day a bit by checking out the online activities, though.

Day 1 Online Extension:


When you access the online portion of the camp, the activities are separated by day with printables and links to the specific region you explored that day. For Day 1, there was a printable recipe for making continent cookies along with a "how to draw" printable. There was also a link to the Worldwide page with more activities.


We had a lot of fun checking out this page! At the top was a note from Sam & Sofia followed by some pictures from around the world. There was a little interactive question box about which country we would like to visit and even a few songs from around the world. My kids thought those were really cool!


There was also a section where we could click on the bubble and it would tell us how to say hello in another language. We had fun practicing! Then, there were some fun facts and a few more printable activities for us like a world crossword puzzle. So overall, there was plenty to extend our camp fun!

Day 2: Brazil


Day 2 came in an envelope with everything we needed inside. It's definitely fun to have a plain package to open with everything hidden inside!


We received a new letter from our pen pals. This one describes their trip to Brazil and a little bit about what they saw there.


Our photo postcard for Brazil features a Red Uakari Monkey with some information about this guy on the back.


Our stickers are labeled with one for our suitcase, one for our passport, and a little pin sticker to mark our travels on our map. The rest were some great animal stickers that my son was eager to use!


We also received our boarding pass for Brazil with the link to the Brazil webpage on the back.


We located Brazil on the map and added our sticker.


Then we added our passport and suitcase stickers along with our boarding pass.


We also received our Brazilian coin.


This time my son added our coin to the board!


This is our Brazilian activity booklet with a variety of educational activities. The first two sections were a word scramble with different South American countries which was a little bit above my daughter's skill level, and a recipe for Brigadeiro which are delicious, but not something we had the ingredients to make on hand!

She loved the word search on the back which had different Portuguese words for her to find. They had the English translation right next to them so this was a really fun and educational activity.


The inside unfolded to describe the four layers of the rainforest. There was a "how to draw a monkey" activity at the top for the emergent layer, a tracing activity for the canopy layer, a jaguar paw print find for the understory, and a coloring activity for the forest floor. I thought this was really unique, creative, and it was appropriate for both of my children.


Our souvenir for this day was an amethyst and a mini magnifying glass.


Our amethyst was so pretty and came with a great little descriptive card for it.


They had fun inspecting our amethyst with the magnifying glass.

Day 2 Online Extension:


When you access the online portion of the camp, the activities are separated by day with printables and links to the specific region you explored that day. For Brazil, there was a "how to draw a sloth" activity and a flag to color. There was also a link to the Brazil page with many more activities.


This page was much like the Worldwide page from Day 1. There was a note from Sam & Sofia, a section with photos, a quick pick activity, and some Brazilian music to listen to.


There was also a section that helped us learn to speak Portuguese, some fun facts, and a few printable activities which included how to draw more animals and making Futebol puppets. The last bit included a Q&A with a pen pal from Brazil to finish it all off.

Day 3: Japan


The third country that we visited was Japan and again, everything came packaged together.


We started with our letter from our pen pals.


Our photo postcard for Japan features Himeji Castle.


We received our stickers which we added to our passport, map, and suitcase. Then we tied on our boarding pass.


The kids seem to have the hang of it by now!


We added our Japan coin to our collection.


This is our activity booklet for Japan. There was a recipe for Dorayaki and instructions on how to make our own Koinobori. We will be saving these activities for later since we need some more supplies. There was also a spot-the-difference Bento box picture, a Haiku completing activity, and a spot the Japanese symbol search on the back. These were all activities that were appropriate for my kids.


My son worked on the Bento box, while my daughter searched for symbols. We all worked on the Haikus together and I thought it was such a fun way to teach them about syllables, which is a new concept to them since they are younger!


Our souvenir for this day was a cute set of sushi erasers. They even come apart which is really fun!


In this kit, we also received a set of Origami papers along with instructions on how to make a few paper items like a balloon, a penguin, and a jumping frog.


First, we created some penguins. I had to help my son a good bit, but my daughter only needed a little instruction.


I made a frog for my son and helped my daughter make her own. We had so much fun with these Origami lessons!

Day 3 Online Extension:


For Japan, there was a "how to draw a crane" activity and a flag to color. There was also a link to the Japan page with many more activities.


There was a note from Sam & Sofia, a section with photos, a quick pick activity, and some information about Daruma dolls.


There was also a section that helped us learn to speak Japanese, some fun facts, and a few printable activities which included writing Ema wishes and a Japanese food matching activity. The last bit included a Q&A with a pen pal from Japan to wrap everything up.

Day 4: France


The next country we visited was France.


We started with the letter from our pen pals.


We received our stickers which we added to our passport, map, and suitcase. It looks like our package was missing the boarding pass and postcard for France, but fortunately, it didn't affect our camp day! We did contact customer service to let them know the pieces that were missing and are awaiting a response.


We added the coin for France to our collection.


In our activity booklet for France, there was a maze, a recipe for Galette de Rois, a landmark activity, and even an art critique!


These were a bit above my son's skill level, so my daughter completed these for us. She loves a good maze!


Our souvenir for this day was this fun painting set. It came with everything in miniature: two canvases, an easel, a paint palette, and a brush.


They gave us a little pamphlet with three different painting styles from French artists. We had a great mini-lesson and then I let them get to work. We just had to grab an extra paintbrush and some water!


They each chose a different painting style.


I thought they turned out great and they look so cute displayed on the little easel!

Day 4 Online Extension:


France's online page provided a printable on "how to draw the Eiffel Tower" and a French flag to color. Then there was a link to the rest of the online activities.


There was a note from Sam & Sofia, a section with photos, a quick pick activity, and some music for us to listen to.


There was also a section that helped us learn to speak French, some fun facts, and a few printable activities which included building our own Eiffel Tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti. The last bit included a Q&A with a pen pal from France.

Day 5: Egypt


Next stop, Egypt!


We started with our letter from our pen pals.


My son loved the camel on our postcard!


We added our passport and suitcase stickers and then tied on our boarding pass. Then we found Egypt on the map.


It worked well for us alternating between the two of them for adding our stickers each day!


We received our Egypt coin and added it to the chart.


Our activity book for Egypt had some fun stuff! There was a word scramble, a recipe for wish Baladi, and even some directions for making papyrus paper. We enjoyed the hieroglyphics activity, spotting the different camels, and completing the headdress match.


My son found the camel and then my daughter really enjoyed writing her name in hieroglyphics and translating some phrases. Then they worked together on the headdress activity.


Our souvenir was a cool Egypt Dig Kit. They included everything we needed to unearth our artifact.


I let my daughter handle this activity. She did ask for a little bit of help getting it started.


She uncovered a fun rubber Pharoah head. The kids were both thought this souvenir was pretty cool!

Day 5 Online Extension:


There was a note from Sam & Sofia, a section with photos, a quick pick activity, and some silly jokes.


There was a section that taught us Egyptian Arabic, some fun facts, a Scarab seek-and-find, and a note from an Egyptian pen pal.

Day 6: Australia


Our final destination was Australia.


We read our final letter from our pen pals.


This postcard shows the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


We received our stickers for our passport, map, and suitcase along with our boarding pass.


We added our suitcase sticker and found Australia on the map.


Then we added our Australian coin to our collection.


Australia's activities included an Australian animal word search, a recipe for Lamingtons, a Great Barrier Reef coloring page, and a fun marsupial matching activity.


My son matched up the marsupials while my daughter completed the word search. We colored the Great Barrier Reef picture together!


Our souvenir was this great scratch art kit. It features size pages, four with images related to Australia, and two that were blank along with a wooden scratching stick.


My kids love scratch-art activities and these were even more fun to them since they related to Australia!

Day 6 Online Extension:


For Australia, there was a "how to draw a kangaroo" activity and a flag to color. There was also a link to the Australia page with many more activities.


There was a note from Sam & Sofia, a section with photos, a quick pick activity, and some music for us to listen to.


We learned some Australian phrases, some fun facts, and heard from a pen pal. There was also a fun Digeridoo activity for us.


Recap: What did we get for the entire week?

What do we have to show from our week at camp? We have a suitcase full of stickers and boarding passes from all the places we've traveled, a filled-in passport, some chapter books to remind us of our adventures, a coin collection, and a map marked with the countries we learned about. We also have some fun souvenirs from each of these places such as our squishy animals and our beautiful amethyst. We even have a few art activities to display like our Origami and our painting from France. While we haven't made any of them yet, we also have our choice of several different recipes from around the world to try out! Each day we had a solid 45 minutes to an hour's worth of activities which could easily be extended by adding in some reading from our chapter books, making one of the recipes they provided, or accessing the online portion of the site and doing some of those printable activities.

Questions You May Have

Can I use this with multiple children?
  • Possibly! If you have one child that is younger and one that is older you may be able to use it with both children. My kids are 5 1/2 and 4 and I found it fairly easy to split the activities for each day between the two of them. It did help that my youngest wasn't able to do some of the pen-to-paper activities and he was happy with just placing the stickers and reading along! If you have older children at similar levels, you may find it harder to split up the activities!
Can I fit this into my schedule?
  • I thought this box offered a lot of flexibility. I liked that they provided a suggested half-day and also a full day (online) schedule for us to use, but I found that it was easy enough to just go ahead and pull out one of the day's packages and just complete it when we had some extra time during the day. We could keep it short and stick to the package or we could extend the day by adding in some reading of our chapter books and visiting the online site for some more activities!
Will this work if my child is younger than the intended age?
  • I have found the activities pretty easy to modify! It may take a little bit more participation and assistance on your part, but if you're okay with working together, you can absolutely make it fun for a younger child! You can also split up the activities and just do one thing at a time, take a break, and then come back to it if your child has a shorter attention span!
How much work is in it for me?
  • Not much! You can simply open the packet and go through each item with your child and depending on their skill level, some of the activities can be done independently. The similar set-up of each day makes it predictable and easy for you to plan for and allows you to split your focus if you're a parent or caretaker of multiple kids like I am. The few projects that had a little bit of mess involved could easily be concentrated to one area by using a tray, making it easier to clean up afterward!
How long does this take?
  • Each day can take as little as 45 minutes to 1 hour spent on just the box activities, but by adding in some reading from your chapter books, doing some of the recipes and other activities, or spending some time on the online portion with the printables, you could easily extend this by another hour or so! I also found it easy to break up the activities if you need to stop and come back to something.
Is everything I need in the box?
  • Yes, everything you need (with the exception of a few things from home like water for a painting activity) is included in the box. However, they do offer some fun extras online for you to use as extension activities!


The Verdict

I thought this box had a lot to offer! It was fun and it was educational, but it wasn't overwhelming to me as a parent. Our summer camp came well organized and required very little planning on my part. There was also a lot of flexibility in this 6-day camp which meant we could easily fit it into our schedule. My kids love learning about other countries and they loved collecting coins, stickers, and souvenirs from all the places we "visited." The online portion also offered so much more to enhance our experiences, so while it wasn't necessary for a great experience, I loved seeing the way my children engaged with the activities!

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Brandi D.
Brandi D.

I am a homeschooling mother of four; 3 boys and 1 girl. My youngest son was just born in January 2022, my other boys are 4 and 6, and my daughter is 7. I am a former educator and have taught both elementary art and Special Education.

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