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My Subscription Addiction

Level Up Your Holiday Entertaining with Bespoke Post

Tobin Walsh
ByTobin WalshOct 11, 2022In Partnership With Bespoke Post

Entertaining with the same-old combinations of blah finger foods is BORING!

Bespoke Post is here to help – turning unique boxes of entertaining supplies into conversation pieces for your gathered friends. Whether you’re looking for a new holiday tradition or to elevate your pre-Thanksgiving dinner shindig – Bespoke Post has options aplenty to turn any gathering from drab into dapper.

No matter who is coming over – the boss, friends, or if you are simply trying to keep your own family occupied on a chilled Friday night, here are the Bespoke Post boxes I recommend for all your holiday entertaining needs:

Bring the music everywhere with the Hi-Fi box

Whether your gathering needs background music or to draw friends to the dancefloor, Bespoke Post's Hi-Fix Box will deliver. The cornerstone of the box is a Wren Wireless Adventure Speaker that emits sounds as crisp as a freshly picked apple. Rugged enough to be IPX7 waterproof with the battery power to keep the party’s energy going for up to 10 hours, the Wren speaker can accompany you anywhere.

I took the speaker on a long, family bike ride by draping it over my handlebars. I used the speaker during an outdoor yoga class and even traveled with the speaker to the kids’ soccer tournament for some between-game distraction. Best of all, as we carried the Wren speaker, there was no worry of breaking it or needing to hover near a power outlet.

Spice up the grill with the Cay box

Nothing takes an afternoon gathering to the next level like grilled food. Skip the mundane burgers and dogs, though, and impress your guests with the fixings provided by Bespoke Post’s Cay box. Most noteworthy was the enclosed recipe card which used the boxes’ ingredients to create a Traditional Jerk Chicken that everyone will love – even the kids.

When I first opened the Cay box, I was a bit confused about the non-alcoholic Sorrel Blend and carved coconut cups for drinking. These items, though, created a makeshift tasting party around the kitchen as interested guests were intrigued by the exotic liquid’s mildly sweet taste, especially when paired with our white meat chicken.

Treat your tastebuds with the Pickled box

Everyone loves pickles – my kids devour them in all forms! Instead of the standard koshered varieties from the supermarket, though, Bespoke Post spiced it up for our recent get-together.

The Pickled Box included a pouch of pickle chips fit for passing around and several jars of pickle-related products that created a buzz around the cutting board of the standard cheese and crackers. Most notably, a jar of pickled Eric’s Nopales and pickled sweet onions from Olympia Provisions had my friends experimenting with combinations that suited their taste buds. After much discussion, our group ultimately settled on loading up a turkey slider with a forkful of both the nopales and sweet onions – unexpectedly delicious.

Liven up your next get-together with Bespoke Post

After trying each of the goodies provided in the Bespoke Post boxes, I came away impressed that changing things up – with food, games, exotic drinks, cool stemware to drink from, or upgraded sounds – can shake up an otherwise dormant room.

Prices for Bespoke Post boxes vary – typically around $70 per – but becoming a member provides a flat box rate of $49 per box. At the start of every month, members will be matched with a curated box based on their profile and they can customize, swap, or skip as often as they want. You can also cancel at any time.

The Bespoke Post boxes will kickstart the party planning for me. I can simply enjoy my family and friends with foods, flavors, and fun that would not have otherwise even thought of. Yep, my next get-together just transformed from drab to fab thanks to my next Bespoke Post goodie box.