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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Leesa vs. Saatva: This is the Only Mattress Guaranteed to Give Me a Good Night’s Sleep

Kimberly Southammavong
ByKimberly SouthammavongMay 11, 2023Sponsored

I don’t know about you, but as I get older, I’m reminded of why a quality mattress is so important. If I'm tossing and turning all night because of my mattress, my entire next day (or next few days) is completely ruined since I’m so tired. This was happening a lot as of late, so I knew it was time to go shopping.

I had a Saatva mattress in the past and liked it, but when it was time to move, I gave it to a friend. I was about to buy another Saatva until Leesa kept popping up on my feed and I decided to try it out. Here are my thoughts after sleeping on both.

If you value time and convenience… Leesa

Leesa products are made to order and super fast to ship. They even offer delivery to your door with no contact. My mattress came conveniently in a box, so I didn’t have to be home to sign for it, and I didn’t have to worry about it getting ruined on my porch. And once I brought it inside, it was super easy to set up! Unbox, cut the plastic, unroll, and wait for it to expand. How great is that?

On the other hand, I remember my Saatva delivery taking around 21 days for it to be delivered and having to be home for them to bring it in—after digging online, it looks like this is still the case.

If you obsess over reviews… Leesa

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend hours reading reviews. I sometimes get annoyed at myself for my lack of impulsivity, but I’m glad I took the time to read reviews for something like a new mattress. Leesa has over 24,000 verified 5-star reviews and was rated as the best hybrid mattress by Forbes.com in 2023, the best overall mattress by Reviewed in 2023, and the best mattress for back pain in 2023 by Insider.com.

Those kinds of reviews and awards alone sold me.

If you second-guess your decisions… Saatva

Buying a mattress is a huge commitment—especially if you’re buying it online. That’s why most brands—Leesa and Saatva included—offer free trial periods. Leesa lets you try your mattress for 100 nights, but Saatva lets you try it out for 365 days (an entire year!). I knew after a week which mattress was for me, but I know some people like having the extra leeway.

If you’re looking for comfort and airflow… Leesa

Comfort and airflow are super important to me since I tend to overheat a lot when I sleep. While my previous Saatva mattress was super comfortable and made with organic cotton to promote a cooler sleep, I still remember feeling a bit restless throughout the night and waking up sweating. With Leesa, I’m not only comfortable, but I’m kept cool too. Their mattress has a breathable cover, a supercharged top layer of foam with air channels, and pocketed springs that all work together to promote airflow. As much as comfort matters, comfort and keeping cool matter more to me.

Overall winner… Leesa!

Leesa is the big winner for me. They offer great options at reasonable prices, and I loved the convenience of receiving my mattress even when I wasn’t home. Personally, I recommend the Sapira Hybrid mattress. It has 1,000+ pocket springs, high-airflow foam layers, and a soft, breathable cover. It also responds well to movement while providing pressure relief. As much as I liked my previous Saatva, I love my Leesa.

But if you’re still on the fence about making a purchase, sleep on it. Literally! Take advantage of their risk-free, 100-night sleep trial and 10-year limited mattress warranty. Though I highly doubt you’ll need it.