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My Subscription Addiction

Don’t Miss LARQ’s World Water Day Deal on Purifying Water Bottles & More

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoMar 7, 2023In Partnership With Larq

Since every human drinks water, every human needs to know about LARQ and the water filtration system in their bottles and pitchers. We’ll explain it in a second, but first, know that they have an awesome Take $20, give $20 deal for World Water Day! Now through 3/22, donate your savings (up to $20) towards Oceana to support efforts to save the ocean, and wildlife, and help end single-use plastics. Rather save a few bucks on the deal instead? The minimum donation for this deal is $5, but you can save up to $15. Start by clicking the red link below!

Self-Cleaning Water Bottles Exist & They’re Amazing

Listen, filtering your water is nothing new (though the technology has come a long way and it’s definitely time to upgrade)...the paradigm-shifting newness we’re screaming about is LARQ’s self-cleaning water bottle that zaps 99.99% of germs and mold using UV-C technology. If you’re not jumping on this situation right now, who even are you? Here’s some more info to convince you:

  • This UV-C tech that self-cleans LARQ water bottles is called PureVis™ Technology and it’s capable of eliminating bio-contaminants such as E. coli from your water and bottle.
  • Oh, and it’s not this time commitment of a process. Cleaning your water bottle and water takes 60 seconds from the moment your precious little finger touches the button.
  • That means your water bottle—for the first time ever—will remain odor-free!
  • Futuristic technology aside, these bottles are double-wall vacuum insulated, so they’ll keep your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.
  • Hydrating from home? The LARQ Pitcher pairs PureVis™ and Nano Zero filter technology, which uses activated carbon, coated with an iron layer, to attract and trap heavy metals out of the water that flows through it. That’s next-level clean water from home.

So, ready to save the ocean, and wildlife and help end single-use plastics with Oceana? Click the link below to place your LARQ order now through 3/22. Promotion automatically applied on eligible purchases at checkout.