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Keeps vs. Rogaine: Which Hair Loss Treatment Is Best For You

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperNov 26, 2022Sponsored

Losing your hair isn’t fun, trust me. But — huzzah! — I have good news: baldness is not inevitable. In fact, most guys can enjoy a lifetime of superb hair if we want. There are great options to help us follically challenged gentlemen, and two of the leading brands helping us to keep and strengthen hair are Keeps and Rogaine.

After comparing these two brands, I knew which one I would choose for myself. But which is better for you?

Round 1: The most treatment options... Keeps wins!

Saving your hair means using medical-grade products. So it’s super important to know that you’re taking the right stuff for you.

Keeps offers both Minoxidil and Finasteride, which is a prescription medication. The most popular option with Keeps is using a combination of both treatments to combat overall hair loss and boost new hair growth. It’s the option that’s working best for me but you can also choose just one or the other.

Rogaine only offers the active ingredient Minoxidil (an over-the-counter topical), which is a well-known treatment for hair loss. It works for a lot of men but it wasn’t enough for me to really see results.

Plus Keeps offers expert medical support to its subscribers, helping to guide you through an otherwise daunting process, and delivering peace of mind.

So, this is a definite win for Keeps!

Round 2: Value for money 🤑… Keeps wins!

Keeps offers more products, so of course, you could spend more money purchasing them if they are right for you. But for Minoxidil, there’s a clear winner on price.

Keeps offers the generic version of Minoxidil, and their price is significantly lower than Rogaine’s. For the Keeps 5% Minoxidil, a 3-month supply costs $30 for the solution and $50 for the foam. That works out to $10 or $16 per month for Keeps. Meanwhile, the Rogaine 5% Minoxidil costs $28.99 for a 1-month supply of either the foam or solution.

Cha-ching! That’s yet another win for Keeps.

Round 3: Customer service… It’s a tie!

Rogaine has been the market leader for a long time, and they still have a good reputation, well-rated products, and a money back-guarantee — so props to them!

Keeps provides a convenient buying experience at prices close to generic and discount brands — but with all the convenience of a subscription service PLUS the support of medical professionals!

So, I gotta call this one a draw.

Round 4: Product diversity… Keeps wins!

Now that I have a hair loss treatment plan that’s working for me, I want to make sure that all the products I use support a healthy scalp and good hair. Keeps hair loss treatments include:

  • Finasteride pills
  • Minoxidil solution or foam
  • A Ketoconazole shampoo, which is an anti-fungal that helps a lot of men with hair loss
  • And a thickening shampoo with strengthening shea butter and keratin and a conditioner with nourishing vitamin E

I’m also a fan of Keeps’ water-based pomade made with natural beeswax and healthy green tea that lets me style my newly fuller mane while leaving my hair feeling soft and smelling good.

Rogaine customers only have two options: Minoxidil solution or foam. That’s fine, but it does limit your choice of solutions for your personal hair needs.

Another win for Keeps!

The Ultimate Winner... Keeps!

The verdict is in, folks — Keeps is the winner of this stand-off!

For the price, service, variety, and effectiveness do yourself — and your hair — a favor by subscribing to Keeps.