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Keeps vs. Rogaine vs. Roman: My Hair Loss Treatment Winner

Attila Nyerges
ByAttila NyergesJan 9, 2023In Partnership With Keeps

It’s all about balance for me. Work-life balance, a balanced diet, and finding that sweet spot where my passions converge is huge. Honestly, though, one big thing throwing the balance off for me is the insecurity I feel about my male pattern baldness. After seeing a picture of myself from 10 years ago, and wishing I had appreciated the hair I had at the time, I realized I needed to make a change. It was then I decided to commit to a hair loss treatment–but the question was, which one should I choose?

Keeps, Rogaine, and Roman all have one common active ingredient: Minoxidil. This FDA-approved ingredient is meant to be applied topically to improve hair density in men after consistent use for upwards of three months. Everyone who knows me knows I’m driven by results, so all I had to do was decide which hair loss treatment was right for me. Keep reading to learn my winner.

If you want a one-stop shop for a suite of treatments… Keeps

Rogaine may be the household name for hair loss treatment, but they only offer one way to use it: topical hair drops or foam. Roman offers the topical drops (no foam), and they also carry Finasteride pills, which are available through them with a prescription.

With Keeps, you can build out a whole hair care regimen with hair retention and regrowth products. Start with their drops, foam, the Finasteride pills, or their topical Finasteride/Minoxidil gel.

Keep it going by washing your hair with their thickening shampoo and conditioner. Before leaving your house, style your hair with their thickening pomade, which is filled with healthy-for-hair ingredients like biotin, caffeine, green tea, and saw palmetto. As you can see, Keeps is the only one covering all the bases for maximum efficacy.

If you want an expert to guide you through the process… Keeps or Roman

If you’re like me and you’re new to hair loss treatments, you might want someone who knows the ropes to walk you through the process. It’s always a good idea to check in with a doctor before starting any new supplements or treatments, but instead of going to my own doctor who may not know much about this topic, I went straight to the physicians on the Keeps team. They were able to see me within 48 hours, and my virtual appointment was free. They answered all my questions and let me know that future annual consultations with them will only cost $5. Roman also has doctors that are available for consultations and able to prescribe you Finasteride (generic Propecia) if it’s right for you.

I know Rogaine has been around for awhile, but that doesn’t mean you immediately know what you’re doing when you decide to try it. The fact that Keeps and Roman have docs that are available on short notice is big for me.

If you want your hair loss solution to be clinically proven to work… it’s a tie

Like I mentioned above, all three brands use a drug called Minoxidil as their active ingredient, which is not only proven to be safe for topical application, but it’s also proven to show results after several months of applying either drops or foam twice per day, every day. I’ve never had a problem incorporating new healthy habits into my daily routine, so this is an easy one for me.

Minoxidil is meant to target hair loss at the crown of the head, not at the front. If a receding hairline is your issue, you’ll want to explore a product with the ingredient Finasteride, which is not carried by Rogaine. Both Keeps and Roman offer bundles that combine Minoxidil and Finasteride, so if that’s a path you’d like to explore, these are your options.

If you want to save a few bucks… Keeps

Plain and simple, Keeps gives you the most bang for your buck. As you know by now, all three of these brands use the same active ingredient, and yet their prices vary. Rogaine costs $51.99 for a 3-month supply of topical solution, Roman costs $48 for 3 months, and Keeps costs $33 for 3 months. Considering Keeps also offers doctor consultations and more, it’s an amazing deal and an obvious choice.

My winner is… Keeps

If male pattern baldness and hair loss is an issue you face, you have some good options to consider. If you want simplicity and something that’s available at the drugstore, Rogaine could be for you. If you want a brand that offers more options and a subscription model, Roman isn’t bad. But for me, it’s Keeps that’s the hands-down winner. They offer a full curation of hair products for retention and regrowth, doctor consultations, auto-delivery, and the clinical evidence that their product works.