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My Subscription Addiction

Just in Time for the Holidays: How to Get High Maintenance Hair with Low Maintenance Effort 

Mikayla Kuehn
ByMikayla KuehnNov 15, 2022

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The best holiday gifts I’ve ever received are the ones that are personalized and feel like they were literally made for you. They have your name on them, are wrapped in your favorite colors, and have benefits only you can appreciate. That’s why I’m gifting myself Prose this holiday season so I can have something that’s truly made just for me.

Prose customizes a hair care routine based on your hair care goals, lifestyle, location, and more. They focus on high-quality ingredients without harmful additives to help achieve high-maintenance hair with low-maintenance effort. What better gift to myself than to have healthy, luscious hair?

A truly custom gift that’s made just for me

In order to curate the best 4-step routine for your hair, Prose prompts you to fill out a consultation quiz on their website. When I took my quiz, I was beyond impressed with the in-depth questions in order to explore exactly what my hair care goals and needs were. I also learned how the environment, stress, and other external factors can affect the health of my hair.

At the end of the quiz, you may choose your signature fragrance. Prose has a fabulous selection of luxurious fragrances to pick from. I went with Oasis, with notes of Jasmine, Amber, White Peach. I can confirm that it smells absolutely incredible; just like a trip to the salon!

High-quality ingredients that deliver great results

My main hair concerns from the jump were excessively oily roots, lack of volume and shine, and maintaining my dry pink ombré colored ends. The ingredients selected for me in order to combat those concerns were professional silicone, hyaluronic acid & plant collagen, kale, spiruina & vitamin B6, and Oat lipid & sunflower seed extract. I loved learning that Prose products are cruelty-free and free of parabens, mineral oils, gluten, sulfates, dyes, and GMOs.

The professional silicone lowers hair porosity to fight humidity and reduce frizz, while hyaluronic acid & plant collagen repairs the hair’s core and creates a nourishing outer layer. Kale, spiruina & vitamin B6 work to balance sebum production using a blend of botanical extracts, and oat lipid & sunflower seed extract are for color protection. They restore hair proteins and lipids for lasting color.

I was beyond impressed with the outcome of these products after only a few uses. My hair fell in love with the formulas and has never felt healthier! The best part of this is that the product line-up is so easy to use. I was shocked at how simple it was to achieve hair that looks high maintenance in 4 easy steps.

Fuller, shinier and softer hair thanks to my new routine

My routine includes a pre-shampoo hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. I apply the pre-shampoo hair mask to my hair lengths and ends of my hair while in the shower and let it stand for about 5-10 minutes, depending on how long I want to keep it in. Next up is the shampoo, lather and rinse as usual. Then, a conditioner that restores my strands without weighing them down. After air-drying my hair until it’s just damp, I run my fingers through it with the hair oil. It smooths away frizz and is a great product you can use before or after washing. I love using it after, just before I style it.

The results are undeniable. By the time I wash my 2nd-day hair, my roots don’t nearly feel as oily as they usually did prior to Prose. My hair also feels full, shiny, and soft. Lastly, I can see the vibrance of my pink hair lasting longer, and my ends aren’t nearly as dry as they were once before.

The best present to myself ever

I’m so excited about my new Prose routine and every shower now feels like a luxurious treat. And if anything ever needs to be adjusted, Prose custom formulas can easily recalibrate at any time. Even the scent can be changed! The options are endless with Prose and the results take your hair to a whole other level without the hassle!