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Jot vs. Cometeer: Which Is The Better Coffee?

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsNov 21, 2022Sponsored

If you’re a coffee super drinker and lover like I am, then you’ve probably tried MOST of the options out there. Well, I just realized there were two coffee brands out there that I hadn’t tried before - Cometeer and Jot.

And knowing me, I tried them both at the same time. I was initially skeptical of BOTH Jot’s “ultra coffee” and Cometeer’s flash-frozen capsules, but after trying them, I am no longer skeptical of one of the options. There was only one *clear* winner between Jot and Cometeer - continue reading to see who won me over in my comparison.

Round 1: Taste. Cometeer Is Miles Better Than Jot.

This was the easiest comparison for me to make, frankly. When it comes to taste, Cometeer blows Jot out of the water. Cometeer’s coffee is hyper-flavorful due to their precision brewing technique. Basically... it’s the best, most flavorful coffee you’ll ever have.

Jot tasted really funky for me. The way it’s made is cool - it’s in a small glass jar and you just pour the liquid into water using a measuring spoon, but honestly it tasted a bit off. It was a bit syrupy and, from my experience, it never really mixed entirely into my water, so I had pockets of strong coffee and pockets of brownish water.

After doing a serious taste-test of both Jot and Cometeer, I could tell right away that Cometeer’s coffee was 10x higher quality than Jot’s. Taste aside, the texture, smoothness and the production behind Cometeer’s coffee capsules are miles ahead of Jot.

After clicking around on Cometeer’s website, I realized that their coffee is actually real brewed coffee made with real coffee beans. And it tasted the part, too. Consistently fresh and tasty, never stale and sour.

Round 2: Convenience. Slight Cometeer Win.

Here’s where I tip my cap to both brands: convenience. Both offer really cool products - Jot being ultra coffee in a convenient glass jar, and Cometeer being flash frozen pucks that you freeze in your freezer.

Both options save me time and save me from having to frantically make my below-average coffee in my old, clunky machine as I rush out of the door each morning. My half-broken Nespresso machine has finally been retired.

With Cometeer, you start with a frozen aluminum capsule. You peel back the lid, simply drop the frozen puck in your mug and add 8oz of water (hot or cold). There’s no mess and no coffee grounds on the floor. Cometeer is also so much easier to travel with than Jot.. good luck getting an 8oz jar of Jot ultra coffee through TSA. You don’t have to worry about that issue with Cometeer, though.

I will say the one downside I noticed most with Jot’s design is that it is really challenging to turn it into great-tasting hot coffee. I struggled with figuring out how long to microwave my plain water for and whether or not to use my old coffee machine to make the hot water for me. I personally couldn’t figure out how to make my hot Jot taste better than my standard hot coffee. But you can have your flash-frozen Cometeer anyway you like it - hot, iced or lukewarm and it all tastes fantastic! The choice is yours!

Round 3: Price. Jot Wins, But Cometeer Wins on Value.

OK - so here’s where Jot has just a slight advantage over Cometeer. Jot is just barely cheaper than Cometeer. It’s about $1.39/cup whereas Cometeer is closer to $2/cup. So really, not much of a huge difference.

The 14 cent difference was certainly not enough to sway me against Cometeer. 14 cents for a 10x better cup of coffee? Easy choice for me. Cometeer honestly tastes like it should cost $7.50/cup so to get it for just $2 is a total steal in my opinion.

Jot might win on price by a tight margin, but Cometeer definitely wins on value.

Round 4: Variety. Jot Stands No Chance Against Cometeer.

To my knowledge, Jot only has two flavor options. Maybe one additional one as a special edition if you subscribe to monthly deliveries? It wasn’t entirely clear to me, but they definitely do not have much variety. They offer original or dark flavors.

On the other hand, Cometeer has an option for every coffee drinker and actually builds you a custom monthly box based on how you tell them you prefer your coffee. It’s really cool. They have partnerships with premier roasters from all around the world, so you’re really getting the best coffee with the biggest variety – whether that’s caffeinated, half-caff or decaf, Cometeer offers it all.

I personally prefer my coffee in all kinds of ways - I try to mix it up each day flavor-wise. And with Jot, that is simply not possible. I got Cometeer’s Mixed Roast Box so I can always change it up on demand and start my day with a bursting-in-flavor cup of coffee.

Ultimate Winner: Cometeer By Miles. 

If you can’t tell that I’m now a Cometeer superfan, then you must have been half asleep reading about my experience. I’d highly recommend giving Cometeer a shot today, and better yet, you can save $20 on your first two boxes, a total of $40 in savings!

From my experience with not only just Jot, but also Starbucks, Javy and more, Cometeer is the best coffee out there. Hands down. No argument! Their flash-frozen capsules deliver 5-star coffee after 5-star coffee and have only made me love coffee even more than before. I highly recommend giving Cometer a try! Shop here and redeem your $40 off today.