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My Subscription Addiction

JAVY vs. K-Cups: Find Out My Drink of Choice

Jenny Scheck
ByJenny ScheckNov 18, 2022Sponsored

Picture this: you’ve just woken up from the most glorious night’s sleep. You’re laying in your bed and there’s a ray of sunlight just barely peaking through the window. Then, you notice the most delicious smell emulating from a figure coming towards you with a mug in their hand. You sigh with delight knowing your morning is about to start with coffee in bed. The real question is: what are you drinking, Javy or K-Cups? Keep reading below to see how I kickstart my mornings.

If your caffeine fix is your priority…Javy wins!

My favorite thing about Javy is that you control the amount of caffeine you’re taking in because it’s a concentrate. Had a full night’s sleep and just want a little boost? Add only a teaspoon. Up all night and need to be spritely for a big presentation? Add two teaspoons. With K-Cups, I feel like you’re getting one size fits all caffeine, and that size is weak. If you're faint of heart, sure, that might be better. But if you’re like me (and the majority of the population), you’re going to want something just a tad stronger. With Javy, my productivity levels were through the roof, my spirits enlivened, and I felt ready to conquer my day.

If you want a well-rounded flavor profile…Javy wins!

I feel like there are two types of people in this world: people who like the taste of coffee and people who don’t. If you fall into the first category, Javy is the coffee for you. Javy is artisan-roasted coffee jam-packed with incredible flavor; K-Cups quite frankly taste like water with a pinch of coffee, in my opinion. Even better, Javy is SO easy to make hot or cold. All you have to do is add ice or quickly put it through the microwave. It recommends you “mix it with your favorite liquid for a perfect cup of coffee”. For me, that’s almond milk by day for an iced coffee and vodka by night for an espresso martini.

If you need an afternoon pick-me-up… it’s a tie!

I do need to give a nod to K-Cups for one thing: they’re good for afternoon pick-me-ups. Not to make this a complete back-handed compliment, but the reason I like them for the afternoon is that they don’t have ample caffeine, so I don’t have to worry about drinking it too late and lying awake in bed at night unable to fall asleep. I’ve also tested out just adding less of the Javy concentrate to my drink - this is also a viable option. I’m going to call this one a tie, even if it is slightly a tie by default.

If you want a price-conscious option… Javy wins!

To drink a K-Cup, most importantly, you need a machine that can actually brew them. On top of that, the average cost per cup is $1.27. Javy, on the other hand, costs around $0.70 per cup AND there is no machine purchase necessary. And with that, I say, mic. drop.

If you want a sustainable option… Javy wins!

Unlike K-Cups, which are one-time use and toss, Javy has up to 30 uses for the singular bottle. Talk about reducing your waste footprint! Another thing I love about Javy is that they teamed up with the Raiz program to build a Regenerative Agriculture based company that is leading the way for a better future. If my coffee can do more than just enhance my day, I’m here for it.

Best overall… Javy wins!

My morning (and usually afternoon) coffee routines are like a sacred ritual to me, so you can imagine how seriously I take what’s actually filling up my cup. Lucky for me, I’ve found a coffee that measures up. Javy’s cost, sustainability, ample caffeine, taste, and even just sheer convenience have me converted - bye-bye K-Cups, you won’t be missed.