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Javy vs Jot: Which Coffee is Best?

Michelle Schmidt
ByMichelle SchmidtOct 17, 2022Sponsored

For the last year or so, my husband and I have been trying to move away from buying coffee every morning to making it at home. We’ve tried the coffee pods, at-home pour-overs, French press–you name it, we’ve tried it.

Then, a few months ago, we learned about liquid coffee concentrates. We were immediately intrigued! Two brands in particular stood out amongst many others: Javy and Jot. So, we decided to put these 2 brands to the test and see which one provides the tastiest buzz.

Javy vs. Jot as black coffee….Javy

To test out a cup of black coffee, We mixed 1 ⅓ teaspoon of Javy and 1 tablespoon of Jot per 8oz of water. As you can see, there is a striking visual difference between Javy and Jot as black coffees, with Javy’s being darker than Jot’s. Also, my husband and I both agree that Javy’s coffee was richer and bolder with a more nutty aftertaste, while Jot’s coffee was much lighter and less complex.

My husband likes his black coffee brews strong. He preferred Javy’s flavor profile to Jot’s for this reason, though he did say he likes his Javy concentrate-to-water ratio to be at least 2 teaspoons per 8oz of water.

Javy vs. Jot with milk/creamer…Tie

Personally, I prefer my coffee with a splash of creamer or made as a latte with milk. So, it matters to me that the liquid coffee concentrate mixes well with milk or creamer (for reference, Javy is on the left and Jot is on the right).

When making lattes, both Javy and Jot needed light stirring to ensure it mixed thoroughly. Because Javy’s concentrate is stronger than Jot’s, I found the coffee to come through more than Jot’s when made as a latte. I also made a mocha by adding warm chocolate syrup to the mix, and Javy’s nutty aftertaste was the clear winner for me in terms of flavored lattes.

But because they have such different flavor profiles, I really loved both for different reasons. When I’m looking to drink just a simple cup of latte that tastes fresh, I go for Jot. When I want something bolder and more exciting, I go for Javy. Javy also features limited-edition and fun seasonal releases, so there’s an endless amount of creations and flavor profiles you can go for!

Price per bottle…Javy

Each bottle of Javy makes 30 cups of coffee at 1 teaspoon of concentrate per cup. At $24.95 per bottle, Javy will cost approximately 83 cents per cup, or $1.66 per cup if you use 2 teaspoons per serving like my husband does.

On the other hand, each bottle of Jot makes 14 cups of coffee. At $26 per bottle, Jot costs $1.86 per serving. When you subscribe to Javy, pricing is as low as $18 per bottle (with a first-time deal of $12.95 per bottle on the first month’s order). Based on this, Javy is definitely the more cost-effective way to go.


I like to buy planet-friendly products, so I appreciate that both Javy and Jot have an eye for sustainability. Jot sources their beans from organic farms in South America, Central America, and Indonesia, with a focus on women-owned and operated farms.

Javy partners with Raíz Sustainability® to source coffee that comes from regenerative farming practices. This partnership takes sustainability to the next level by providing ecological services and farmer support, as well as supporting biodiversity, soil health, and soil rebuilding.

Our verdict…Javy

The best coffee concentrate is the one you like most, which can depend on factors such as the flavor profiles, cost, and more. It also depends on whether you're looking for a coffee concentrate to drink as black coffee, as lattes, or both.

Ultimately, my husband and I both lean towards Javy. We love that Javy’s concentrated microdose allows us to make more coffee with less concentrate, meaning Javy’s bottle will last us a lot longer than Jot’s. Plus, Javy’s rotation of limited-edition and seasonal flavors means we can always jazz up our morning brew with a fun find. There's a limited time to save up to 67% off + gifts – get your buzz on with Javy today!