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My Subscription Addiction

I’ve Got the Ultimate Gift Giving Secret Weapon this Holiday Season

Jenny Scheck
ByJenny ScheckNov 28, 2022Sponsored

I've been on the hunt for the perfect gifts for everyone in my family. Between my two brothers, mom, and dad, it's a struggle, especially since I'm trying to limit my carbon footprint this gift giving season by placing as few orders as possible. Finding a company that has gifts for every picky family member is like finding a rare gem... while blindfolded... with a rapidly approaching countdown on the clock. So, when I heard about OROS, I thought I might have finally done the impossible. And the best part? They're currently having a major Cyber Monday sale (psst: you can get up to 70% off and a free beanie if you spend over $200 or free gloves if you spend over $400). Don't just take it from me, though! Here's what I learned, and why my family is going to be thanking me well into 2023:

Explorer Hoodie - for my little brother who goes to University of Colorado, Boulder:

Since going to school in Boulder, my brother has turned into quite the outdoorsy guy. Any time my mom asks for pictures, he always bombards the family group chat with photos of him and his friends either hiking, camping, or just enjoying the fresh air. The one thing I noticed though? He was never appropriately dressed for the weather (teenage boys, am I right!?). Luckily, OROS has the perfect solution - a hoodie that is both cool AND functional. My favorite part about it is that the hoodie is specifically design to target areas where you need warmth the most, while keeping the other parts non-insulated so you can move around. It is my duty as a sister to make sure my brother looks cool, and I know I'm doing that with this hoodie.

Endeavor Ski Jacket - for my older brother who basically lives on the slopes:

Over the pandemic, my older brother moved out to Breckenridge for the 2020/2021 ski season. Nowadays, any chance he gets, he's jetsetting to be back on the slopes. Not only does this jacket keep you insanely warm with their SOLARCORE technology whose design was inspired by the same technology that keeps astronauts insulated in space, but it also isn't bulky! The worst part about packing for ski vacations is that the clothes are so heavy and thick they fill up your suitcase sooo quickly. With this jacket, my brother can stick to carry on and avoid the hassle of a checked bag. The most insane part of all of this? The jacket is on sale right now for ONLY $139. For a Spyder jacket of this caliber, you're spending AT LEAST $400, usually upwards of $700. Want to look like a big baller without breaking the bank? This coat is the one for you.

Delta Tight - for my mom who is a yoga teacher (and ONLY wears leggings):

When I tell you my mom lives in leggings, that's no exaggeration. She teaches at least one class per day, and some days, it's up to four. Usually she's running around from studio to studio all day long. The problem? She's perpetually cold. When I found these OROS leggings that are designed with their SOLARCORE insulation to keep you warm without compromising any mobility, I knew I found the perfect present for my mom. Something that's functional and I know she'll love? Immediate add to cart. Over 30% Off? Purchase!

Orion Parka - for my dad who complains how bulky & restrictive his current coat is:

The one thing that is always a constant in my family is that my dad LOVES to complain. His latest complaint? How bulky and restrictive his current coat is. Second to that is how expensive it is to buy a coat of the same caliber of his Canada Goose. He wants the warmth without bulk and doesn't want to toll out a small fortune. Little does he know I have a trick up my sleeve, and that trick is the OROS Orion Parka. It's currently on sale for only $309 - an absolute STEAL. And the best part? It also uses their body mapping technology with the SOLARCORE to ensure warmth without looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I can't wait to see the look on his face when I give it to him (he's a sucker for functional gifts, so I know this one is going to hit).

Let's face it - my family is not good at hiding when they don't like presents (you should've seen everyone's reactions the year my dad chose to give us all electric toothbrushes...). I can confidently say that for the first time in a while, I won't be stressed to watch everyone open their gifts. With OROS, I know I'm not only giving my family members stuff they need, but also stuff that they will love. And the best part? They'll think of me every time they're wearing their gifts 😉